Who makes better leaders: Introverts or Extroverts - Research round 4

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On my previous post i shared the qualities of a leader in relation to introversion and extroversion. This week i will be providing information on Why there are people who associate introversion with sadness and extroversion with happiness?


Let’s begin!

The association of introversion with sadness and extroversion with happiness.


Research has been proven that extroverts tend to be happier in life, this is probably due to the fact that extroverts like and gain higher stimulation from interacting socially with others. (1) On the other hand introverts are lowly aroused and find it much easier to express emotions of sadness, this is also why people make the association of introversion with sadness. (1) Extroverts are not normally seen easily expressing their emotions and this can be a way that society gains their perception of associating certain emotions with introversion and extroversion. (1) In a recent study by Journal Emotion, it’s been proven that the definition of introversion contributes to introverts being less happy. (1) This happens because society has such a strong influence on people, that we sometimes subconsciously act more like the definition of introversion and extroversion, rather than acting like our actual personalities. (1) Culture can also be a huge factor for determining the happiness level of introverts and extroverts. (1, 2) In western cultures extroverted personalities are more favoured compared to an introverted personality. (1, 2) Almost all Eastern cultures favour and encourage Introverted personalities, introverts in eastern cultures don’t normally feel the need to be extroverted because society in these cultures are very accepting of these people’s natural personalities. (1, 2)


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That concludes my fourth round of research!  I’d love to hear everyones thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. Excited to share my next round of research with you all!

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Hey Priya! 

This is a really cool round of research! I've never consciously considered the connection between introversion and extroversion and emotions of happiness and sadness; it's a very interesting concept that I think many people do not clue in to. Great work!

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Hi Priya,

It's amazing that you decided to do this topic. I've always wondered if only certain types of people can possess leadership, and whether extroversion or introversion has anything to do with it. Also, I think it would be super cool to create a diagram that displays the typical traits associated with extroverts and introverts and go around asking people who they'd think would make better leaders and why. This would open up some great conversation and what you find may further your research.

Great work

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