Who makes better leaders: Introverts or Extroverts - Research round 3

Hi everyone! On last week’s post i talked about the social acceptance of introversion and extroversion and how introverts and extroverts are overlooked in society. This week i will be sharing with you the qualities of a leader in relation to introversion and extroversion.

What qualities do leaders possess?


According to Forbes Magazine, a good leader should learn to emphasize certain characteristics to others around them.  (1) Generally speaking confidence is usually a quality that most leaders possess, the confidence to take initiative wholeheartedly without being put down by failure. ( 1,2) Confidence is a trait that can be viewed in introverts and extroverts but it’s more likely that you’ll see confidence in an extrovert. (1,2) A great leader is usually very inspired and also makes it their mission to inspire others with their core values being at the centre, inspiration is a trait that more often is present in introverts because of their dedication. (1, 2, 3)  Leaders need to be good communicators in order to succeed, it’s important to think first and talk later to communicate more effectively. (1,2) Communication is a characteristic that belongs to more of the introverted personality. (3) Leaders need to be creative to solve problems and to generate new ideas. (1,4) Introverts are known for being more creative individuals according to psychology today but their is also a large number of very creative extroverts. (4)

Other leadership qualities that can belong to introverts and extroverts (and also ambiverts):

  • Open-minded
  • Authentic
  • Patient
  • Passionate
  • Focused
  • Honest
  • Committed
  • Positive


Sources :

1 - https://www.forbes.com/sites/t...leader/#1f97ad327754

2 - https://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/299443#2

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That concludes my third round of research! I’d love to hear everyones thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. Excited to share my next round of research with you all!

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Hey Priya!

This is some really interesting research! One question that I have for you is, in your personal experience, have you found introverts or extroverts to be better leaders, and in what scenarios does each type thrive? You don't need to answer this directly, but I think it would be interesting if you reflected on your own observations during this research process. 

Here's a link which may help in your research: 


Good luck!

Hi Priya,

I really liked how you laid out your research, you bolded the keywords of what makes good leaders then said is introverts or extraverts had more of that trait. It was really easy to read your research. You had four keywords and two of them belonged to introverts and the other two was extraverts. you also mentioned ambiverts in your last post and I'm wondering if it is actually better to be an ambivert so you have traits that will make you a good leader from both introverts and extraverts. I'm also wondering if it is better to be an introvert or extrovert during an interview or making a first impression. Here are some sites that I found: 



Good Luck.

Grace Sun

Hey Priya, 

Another great round of research. I like how you went into detail about both introverts and extroverts qualities. As Grace mentioned above, bolding your key words was very useful because you got the point across and it helped me remember your key points. I am curious about who are some examples of introverted and extroverted leaders. Maybe looking into past leaders who are both extroverted and introverted will help determine who makes better leaders based on their style of leading. Here's some links that has examples of both introverted and extroverted leaders. 




Good luck on your next round of research. 

Hey Priya!

I really am intrigued by your question and I learned a lot from you round of research. Something that may be interesting to talk about are specific situations that are part of being a leader where introverts, extroverts, (and ambiverts?) thrive. Then, you can talk about why it is that they thrive and why the other personalities do not. This way, you may be able to be one step closer to answering your inquiry question. Again, you did a great job and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Here are some sources that may help:



Good luck!

Hey Priya,

Really great topic. Like the introverts versus extroverts because they generally have different opinions on things and ways of thinking. I like how you made the key words for being a leader pop. By the way I really like the formatting you used its not to dense and really easy to read and understand. I hope your next topic still compares introverts to extroverts in some way.

Good luck!

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