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When floods occur,they can be destructive and as usual,they are unpredictable.This makes floods one of the natural calamities that occur most frequently.One ironic fact about floods is that they can happen in places that have never seen rain.As a result of floods,people can loose their loved ones,injuries,isolation of communities,essential services are cut  and to add on that,public and private property may be destroyed.

Apart from the physical damage caused by floods,they can at times be emotional.Can you imagine yourself stranded in your house watching other peoples vehicles being dragged forcefully by water.The emotional damage caused may be slow to recover and at times,costly if the victim was not ready for anything like that.

Every human being is ignorant in his or her own manner.A few hours spent on planing on how your family and your property will be secure can save you.First of all one needs to have a flood plan  and a fully equipped emergency kit.

You need to;

(i)Identify and understand the flood risk in your area of residence.

(ii)Prepare your home or the place you are living in at the time and all your property.

(iii)Respond when water come according to your flood plan.

(iv)After the floods re over one needs to recover so that life can go on  and as I said,for those who had never prepared,recovering may be stressful and costly too.

You can also prepare for flooding in a number of ways.They include;

1.Check with your local authority from your place on their flood plans and the areas they have highlighted as problem areas that the possibilities of them being at a higher risk and  please inform your neighbours  on your findings.

2.Ask the authorities on the best relocation routes and best places that one can set up a tent in case of floods.

3.Prepare an emergency kit as thing may turn out to be the opposite of the expected.

4.you should always keep a list of emergency numbers  on display so that anyone can call if need arrises.

5.In business studies,I learnt that you should always take insurance covers and if you have on,please revisit it to make sure that you are still covered if the floods come.

I I may ask between your life and your property worth of millions,what would you choose to protect in times of a flood?The answer is simple,protect your life and if the property is destroyed,you are alive and you will work and get other property.

If floods occur,make your safety a priority and if you have time try to prepare your propery  as follows;

1.Secure all hazardous items a water proof material .By this I mean all the materials that are reactive with water and may be dangerous to the human skin if contact is made.

2.Move your valuables such as furniture,electronics,rugs to a higher ground or level.I would advise the second floor since it is time consuming and is not labour intensive.

3.Place important documents,valuables and medical supplies in a water proof bag .

4.For those who have pets,if the situation allows,youcan carry them wih you and if that is not possible,leave them enough food and water and lock them in a higher ground.

5.if the floods have already taken place,turn on your radio local radio and because technology has come with changes,you can always monitor the situation online.This makes it easy to know what experts are saying and the advice they give.

         Relocating to safer grounds.

If the flood waters seem to threaten your home and you decide to relocate,please inform your local police or the concerned department.You begin with turning on the radio or any data transmitting device and to be specific,your local radio station to hear the warning that are being issued and the advice they are offering.

Pack warm clothes   and carry wih you important medication,documents and valuables in a water tight bags.NEVER forget to carry the emergency kit.

Before you leave,raise yiur furniture onto bed since all furniture absorbe water and that leads to damage.

I advice that all electrical equipments to be placed in the roof space since f any electrical gadget comes onto contact with water,that mens that a new one is required.Thre is an exception for fridges.They should be left open because even if they are washed away by the water,they will sink but if they are left open,they will float away.Another fact is that if the fridge holds flood water for quite some time,they get destroyed.

Turn off power,gas and water supply.My physics teacher tld me that water is a very good conductor of electricity and that means that if you come into contact with water that has made contat with electric current,you will be electrocuted.That m,ay at vsometimes result to strike or even death.

If you leave or decide to stay,you should put sandbags  in your toilet bowls and over all drainage holes to prevent sewage from flowing back to the house.

alwas lock your home to discourage burglarswho may take advantage of the situation.To add on that,enable your alarm and make sure it is not faulty.

Never drive in waters of unknown depth and unknown current.

For those who might be slow and unlucky and that means too late,they should do the folowing.

Switch off power,gas and water supply.

Check that you have the emergency kit with you.

do not allow kids to play in or near flood water.

Keep away from the drains to ''Avoid going down the drain''and if you are walking in water above the knee high,you are likely receive a free ride to an unknown destination and most likely,to your death.

You should also boil tap water before you use it until the local authority or the concerned department declares the water as safe to be used.        

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Hi, Shirazi It is a nice topic that you are researching on,flooding has been a major threat to both human and animal life because of maybe drowning or other dangers encountered by big water masses which have not been controlled.You have also elaborated about the measures to be taken in case of floods. The link below can help you for your next post its about the types of floods : www.eNow.com/Types Of Floods. Good Luck for you next post.

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This is an interesting research ,i like the way you went through the negative side.i think this is quite challenging ,what that cause flood many can think is just the irresponsible of not taking care of water that is by where to store.But this is like excess water flowing anyhow without any measure this water sweep off all the dirt and then flow to rivers i think so.

Nice time in your next research...

Hi Samuel, 

I like the detail you included to help describe what to do in the case of a flood. You had some really good points and ideas to help us prepare and be organized in the case of a flood. Perhaps it would be interesting for you to look into how a flood is caused. You mentioned that places that don't get a lot of rain might actually get a flood. How so? Just a thought as to how you could further your research! here are some links if you want to look into it:




Great post and awesome work!

Hey Samuel, 

Very interesting post about flooding. I like how you're preparing people for a flood, but you did mention that flooding can occur frequently in certain parts of the world. It could be beneficial to look into permanent solutions to prevent flooding. For example, in Asia some houses are built on stilts so if there happen to be a flood it's more than likely that their house will be safe. Here is a link for your future rounds of research. 


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