what is the cheapest method of treating lung cancer?

lung cancer/lung carcinoma is a  malignant cell division or cell death in a lung tissue.  common treatments include surgery,chemotherapy and radiotherapy.    The vast majority (85%) of cases of lung cancer are due to long-term tobacco smoking.Primary method  of preventing is avoidance of  smoking and air pollution. Symptoms of lung cancer are coughing (coughing up blood) ,weight loss,shortness of breath and chest pain. Worldwide in 2012, lung cancer occurred in 1.8 million people and resulted in 1.6 million deaths.Overall 17.4% of people in the US diagnosed with lung cancer survive 5 years after the diagnose causes of lung cancer smoking,random gas,asbestos,air pollution and genetics.

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Many people suffer from various diseases and unfortunately some die because they cannot afford to pay for the treatment. I think your inquiry question is very important because it can allow people to become more aware of the various options available to them and have a greater opportunity of accessing these treatments. The following link describes some treatment options and their estimated cost:


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       This is a very important subject and i am very excited to follow your research to see what the best way to treat lung cancer is. I did not know that over 1.6 million people died in 2012 because of lung cancer. I did remember learning about how lung cancer can be formed with smoking. Smoking is bad for the respiratory system, it can develop with the trachea and them move further down, into the lungs. some ways to treat cancer are, surgery, Chemotherapy,  and Radiation therapy, You could look into some of these optioins. Look into what is the cheapest, but also focus on what will work the best, but still costing less. 

Here are some sites:




Hi every one,                                                                                                                                       Today i am concentrating on types of staging of lung cancer.There  are two type of non-small cell cancer and small cell lung  .Staging lung cancer is based on whether the cancer is local or has spread from the lungs to the lymph nodes or other organs. Non-small cell lung cancer accounts for about 85% of lung cancer and includes,Adenocarcinoma, which is the most common form of lung cancer in the US among both men and women.Squamous cell  carcinoma,which accounts for 25% of all lung cancers.Large cell carcinoma,which accounts for about 10% of  non-small cell lung cancer.

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I absolutely like this your research i general "CANCER"this have been stigmatized very recent.According to me the food stuff we take today they take a big percentage of one getting chances to get cancer especially the snacks we take have a sulphur dioxide which usually in gaseous form used to preserve this snacks and have an agent of cancer called abstesos.I think with this your research you will show us more.

Here i find this important in your research;





 Good luck in your research!

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