*Funny story- Two weeks ago, I had typed an entire introduction to my new research study on what influences a negative sex culture, on my phone, straight on the 'post' category on this website (Not a well thought out decision) as opposed to having a copy on my google doc. Then, only until a few days ago I noticed my post never actually went through, (by that I mean, I probably got distracted by a notification and left the page without realizing that I didn't actually click 'publish') So, I will begin again. 

With the rise of awareness and activism focused on sexual assault, I became curious as to why some people still find justification in sexual abuse, and what are some of the key factors that influence a negative and/or toxic sex culture, and how it can inevitably lead to harmful extremes. In my research so far, I have narrowed down some of the key factors into four categories, and the connections they have to the rates of sexual abuse.

  • Pornography
  • Education
  • Religion/Gender Roles
  • Law Involvement

Scientific studies and research on these four subjects individually have produced lots of statistics and data to draw information from, and many of which create connections and conclusions between more than one category, which makes it easier to represent my inquiry in visuals, such as graphs and diagrams as opposed to written explanations in posts. So as well, I am interested in speaking with professionals that work with victims, or perhaps staff in schools, to hear their opinion on factors and patterns they have noticed, on a more personal, local level.


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Hi Joelene, 

 I think this is a great idea, especially because you're thinking of talking with professionals and hearing personal stories along with simply facts and numbers. This topic is very mature and issues surrounding it should be talked about more. I think it's interesting that your research involves looking at sex education - I remember in elementary and middle school there was such a stigma around things like "the talk," and such, but nowadays I find I schools people are educating students about healthy relationships at a much younger age so they're practicing healthy relationships as teenagers. 

 As for law involvement, I think this is a crucial thing to look at as well. I think about many places in the world that still legalize child marriage or don't take action to prevent abusive relationships, therefore, they often encourage a negative sex culture. I think gender roles definitely plays into this as well. 

 Good luck with research! 

Hey @Joelene Brewer (LFAS)

All goods! Technology is not always perfect and has it's own glitches. Thank gosh you did not have a full research with the sources and all that! Introduction is introduction.

Anyways, this is a really cool topic! Suggestion is to look into children of the street society. They work with similar topics which you could maybe reach out and contact them for info! That would be cool. They have been actively working with the law reforming for specific but still sex-related topics. 

Keep it up


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