What if Plate Tectonics did not move?

Still a working process, I am still putting together all the research, but wanted to post something before I share my Inquiry questions with others! So here is what I put together SO FAR!


Plate Tectonics have been something that has significantly shaped the earth. The movement of these plates are the reason for the different landscapes that we have across the world, colliding and separating from one another. The different collisions and separations that occur across the world, resulted in different natural disasters: Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, etc. Also, because of the moving Tectonic plates, scientists stated that all the continents were once one giant supercontinent now known as a Pangaea.

If there were no plate movements, it would mean that most likely all continents would remain one piece known as a Pangaea, as well as dangerous disasters like Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis wouldn’t take place. This results in less casualties from natural disasters. But without these natural disasters, the systems and living styles would be very different.

For Example: Without Volcanoes there would be fewer suitable areas for crops to grow, since the physical breakdown and chemical weathering of volcanic rocks form a fertile for the soil. NOt only that but would materials like Lead, Gold, Copper, Zinc, etc. be non-existent. Most of these materials are used for many things in our daily lives, like Lead and ZInc make up the different ‘vehicles’ for transportation (buses, cars, skytrains, aircrafts, etc.). Most of our power lines also contain these minerals.

Living in a planet with no Plate Tectonics also means losing a major source of energy like Geothermal heat, which comes from volcanoes and is used to run turbines to generate electricity. Also there may be more rivers in replacement of the absence of oceans or big lakes separating the ‘continents’ and depending on where the Pangaea  would have been, the climate would be very similar throughout the Pangaea without much climate differences.







Put together rest of research and notes. Afterwards I'd like to maybe "upgrade" my Inquiry question to what the system or society may have been like if the continents remained as a PANGAEA. Although it may be too broad to do research on!

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 Hey Alice! 

 This is a really interesting topic! I like how you've thought about what would've happened to the physical form of the earth if we stayed as Pangea. Based on the fact that we wouldn't be able to obtain certain minerals we use in our daily lives, life would probably be very different. It's really interesting to consider the social aspect of it all. (Probably would make a great dystopian YA trilogy like The Hunger Games, too.) 

 I should also bring up the fact that scientists think it's possible thousands of years from now for the continents to merge back together as one supercontinent, like Pangea. Here is a link you may enjoy; 


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 Good luck with your research! 

Awesome post Alice!!

It's crazy how after all these years our continents have formed into what they are today. I find it hard to imagine what life would be like if all the continents were still joined together as Pangea. I really like your idea of "upgrading" your question to what society would be like today if our continents were still in Pangea, because it would allow you to look at how politics may be different, as well as climate over the whole piece of land. When you think about it, our continents and countries today all have presidents, prime ministers, rulers etc. So how would a world with Pangea work? Just something to think about....

Here are some links for your research!!



Hello Alice,

Great post, I've read short stories on a modern Pangea world so I find this concept quite interesting. Your topic reaches into a lot of fields which is awesome. Many nation states and borders are determined by the terrain they are in. With a mainly uniform landscape and climate, I wonder how the geopolitical situation would play out. In contrast to our very diverse society, would a Pangea world have a more unified society? This topic is fun to ponder about!

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