What Effects Canadian Views of the United States of America?

My Inquiry- What effects Canadian views of the United States of America?

Ever since moving to Canada from the U.S., I have been curious as to why America gets so much backlash, especially from Canada. It seemed like, all of the sudden, I was lesser just because I was born in the United States, and felt as if my side story weren't being given any thought. Starting off, I wanted to look into what effects societies' views on multiple things. I already knew that media is a huge factor in how societies see different events happening, both in their own area, as well as areas around the world. When looking into some articles, I found a Harvard study that, in fact, proved that media coverage affects viewers' perceptions on elections. The study also relayed that news content drives the perceptions of favorability. What this basically means is that the content put into each news station, and actually put out for viewers, is intended to drive their viewers into the direction of wanting one person, or having one opinion, rather than another.  In another article, it said humans are conscious of what they do, but not that society actually contribute to how one behaves, which I found really interesting, but true. I knew that we were conscious of what we do, because that's just how we work. However, I didn't ever think about how our subconscious plays into it, and how much society can play into our subconscious. 

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Hey Jalynne!

Nice post! As an American & Canadian citizen, I understand where you're coming from. I like how you're interested in the way in which media could bias others. As you know, the US has been in the center of the media for quite some time now; so, looking into how that affects other's mindsets is a great place to start. However, it may be more effective to research other countries' perspective of America and how it has changed over the past few decades - just a suggestion. 

Here are some sources that may be of use:



Good luck!

Hi Jalynne! 

 This is a great topic. As a Canadian, I definitely think media is definitely a giant factor in how I've perceived the U.S.A. in the past. America has a lot of exposure in the media, and certain sources are usually more biased than others. 

 I think in general, Canadians and other countries are quick to judge Americans as well, without acknowledging the whole picture. People tend to rely on stereotypes rather than actually understanding the true story. 

 As well, this may not be your focus of your research, but there are certain parts of Canada that have different opinions on the United States - in B.C. we perceive America in a much different way than in Alberta. 

 Anyway, good luck with your research! 

Being treated in a way that makes you feeling less than someone else is not ok.  I believe how you are raised and who you meet have a great impact on how you view and treat others.  Media can challenge, reinforce or give you reason to think about your view.  The backlash is an interesting inquiry question as a Canadian and as an American.  It would also be interesting to see how Americans view themselves and what images are they wanting to promote. It would also be interesting to find out how the elected leader is affecting that perception of Americans and the backlash against Americans for the current leaders action within America and Interenationally.

Hot topic, good luck in your research  Kaley

some sources



Hey Jalynne!

This is a very important topic to discuss! Great job! You're right, the media does portray America in different ways and can change the perspectives of other's on the country itself. A suggestion for your future rounds of research could a little bit of history on why America is in the news right now, a little more in-depth explanation of the current situation.

Here's a source I found that might help: 


Again, great job on the topic choice! I'm excited to see your work!

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