corruption is the misuse of public resources by those how are in power.

there are many ways in which people in many backgrounds of the world believe that if a police officer who takes bribes from a matatu(passenger vehicle) taut is corrupt,but not the headteacher who takes a bribe to admit a child to school,even though the child have not qualified to join the school.

The public officer who takes a bribe to render a surface in government office is corrupt.but not the official who demands money to get the job or give you a contract even though you may be the least qualified.

Many Kenyans think there are two levels of corruption,one that is evil and one that is acceptable it never occurs to them that using the influence of leaders from our tribe or village to get us jobs amounts to corruption.Constant lobbying anytime there are appointments or an election amounts to corruption.when we say we want to have one of our own as president or minister all what we have in mind is to have a person who will use the high position to us ahead and do us favors especially employment opportunities.we do not care or bother whether we are qualified or more deserving than others at that moment we do not consider this as corruption yet this kind of favoring our people has caused a lot of problems to our continent

.such problems include,recruitment of employment,and consequent bloating of local authorities.all these are as a result of corruption we naively think is unacceptable members of parliament feel it is perfectly in order to be given a certain quarter to fill with their constituent even if the results in a bloated and financially overburdened sector of the economy.

from these,the members of parliament are likely to win more votes in next election some people holding highly office even sell forms for admission to collage,schools and employment. tragically,the people who are supposed to be watch dogs to ensure corruption is checked end up joining the bad-wagon now the question who will bails us from these evil?and even more terrifying question is.who will watch the watchers.






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Hello Moses!

Great post on corruption! In my opinion, corruption is a word that many people use and we hear frequently, but it isn't always used correctly. So, I think looking into not only what it means but what people think it means is very interesting. For your next post, I think giving a clear, concise definition of what corruption truly is would be extremely beneficial. 

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:

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Hi Moses!
Intriguing research round! I really like how you related it to Kenya and talked a little bit about that! I think the word corruptive is a word that people use a lot but under different conditions than the ones you just said. Maybe in a future research round you could look into what corruption is in different parts of the world. Here are some websites to help you out:


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Hello Moses,
That is a very interesting point, Who will watch the watchers? Sadly, I don’t think it will ever be a perfect system though transparency does help. There will always be some way or some person that is the wink link in the system allowing the rest that it is watching to be corrupted, though generally there are organizations that watch the effectiveness of other groups. One great example of this is Charity’s and we recently did a research thing about charities and one of the things that we had to do was look up charities and see if they were actually good. One such way we did this was by looking up sites on non-profits who’s only job was rating charities. One such example of this is, though from looking it up there don’t seem to be any for the watch groups themselves. I have a feeling simply find this unnecessary due to the fact that the watchdogs have to supply data about the thing that they are watching for it to have any actual authority to it. In the case of corruption though I would presume that you would just have to read the watchdogs reports and judge for yourself whether what they seems right or whether it seems like a sham made to further prop up the corruption to resemble one that is not corrupt.

These sights may be of some interest to you if you wish to look into the topic further:

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