What are effective ways that communities can insure that their environment and wildlife is protected?

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Something interesting to look up might be how different civilizations worked in different time periods. I know how many societies of the past don't translate well into the present (with our current technology and beliefs) but there are many societies who believed in working with nature instead of using it all up. Some Native North-American groups would be an example. Just an idea. 

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I really like your question! I also believe protecting our environment and community is very important, but knowing how to do so can prove to be challenging. So, I think your research will be both interesting and useful! Something that may be worth integrating into your research if it interests you is to compare how the steps to protect one's environment differs between those is Canada and/or the United States vs those in Kenya. Since there are also Kenyan students who take part in Butterfly Effect, this might prove fascinating.

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Hey Lucas, I think it's a good topic. It may refer to the study on key species. Some essays on forests protection laws are also very important. People should also build a knowledge system to understand why it's significant to make an action. To make our environments be better, it's not only a person's thing, it's related to all of us, including the way we divide trash. That's a really big topic. Good luck. Can't wait for your next post.


Hey Lucas!

I love the topic that you chose! It was a topic that I am was very into last year. I think it would be nice to stick to one specific type of animal to focus on, and the dangers that they are going through. As well as how we affect those specific animals! 


Last year for a socials project, I looked into bear hunting, and how the decrease in the population of the bears affected the environment it lived in. (For EX.) Because there were less bears, berries suddenly started to grow covering majority of the forest. This altered the 'food pyramid' more. 

Looking forward to your research!

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