what are drugs?

what are drugs?

Drugs are any substance that change the normal functioning of the body.Many of the chemical substances we use refer to as drugs are used for preventing illness or treat pain. Some drugs can lead to diseases like HIV\Aids when we share the injecting needles.Using of drugs has lead to brake up families. There are drugs that affects us indirectly; steroids is one of them it increases our muscles but later on they start to affect the growth of our bones,they can also destroy our livers. Drugs that are commonly used by youths are cocaine,marijuana, cannabis and more others this drugs are abused by youth and yet they no the dangers of taking them but they think they look cool having used this drugs.This drugs affects.



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Hi Karani,

This is fascinating research ,you could enlarge you topic by looking on ;Why youth abuse drugs or What are the effect of drugs.You talked about some drugs can lead to diseases like  Hiv/Aids,how can it lead to diseases.

Good work, i am looking on you next topic.

Here are some links on drugs ,hope it will be helpful in your research.



Hey Ambrose!

I really like that you're going to break down what drugs really are, which will help us to understand why they are harmful or beneficial. I'm wondering if you're specifically going to be looking into narcotic drugs (like marijuana or cocaine) or also pharmaceutical drugs (like cough medicine or beneficial vaccines). If you're going to be continuing researching narcotics, here's a link that might help: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ma...ts-good-bad-unknown/    

Many people in Canada have medical marijuana licenses, which allows them to obtain and smoke marijuana to (usually) aid with chronic pain, however the legalization of marijuana for everyone (not under the age of 19) is a controversial and prominent issue right now, as our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that he intends to legalize it.

I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with next!

Hey Ambrose,

To further broaden your topic, you  could compare the use of drugs between different countries and their cultures. How do they deal with drug awareness? What kind of drugs are more common in other countries? Comparing the use and treatment of drugs in other countries could help us learn how to lower our count of addicts from countries such as Singapore with significantly less youth doing drugs. Some countries take it to extremes to limit the amount of dug use by applying capital punishment!

Good Luck!

Hi Ambrose,

This is a very important topic, and I am glad that you are looking into this. Drugs, like you mentioned, can cause harm when used, but they are also able to do good. Many doctors will prescribe drugs to their patients who need them to function normally, but the recreational use of drugs, it can cause harm to the body, even death. Many people also want bans on drugs like marijuana, but this drug also is given to people to help their medical situation. It is very important that you are raising awareness to the topic of drugs. nGood first round of research, keep up the good work! 


Here are some sites that could help:





Hey Karani, a nice topic you have, its good you have decided take as through drugs, but also you could have identified different uses of drugs because many teens take those drugs in the wrong ways which leads them being seriously sick with various diseases like lung cancer, madness and many others. Also there are those that are used to cure or to prevent diseases. Anyway nice work and looking forward on your next research

Hello Ambrose

Great research you have.Drugs can be a substance that alter the normal functioning of the body an also can act as a healing substance.so taking it as a substance that affect our bodies you can look at different types of drugs,their effects and also why people use them.lastly the result of using the drugs.Try to look at this maybe will help:


All the best. 

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