Hello guys I will be looking at the ways in which the ozone layer acts as a covering or a shield to protect the earth from the direct and dangerous rays of the sun.

The ozone layer or ozone covering is a region of Earth's stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation.(1)

The ozone layer acts as a filter for short wavelength and very dangerous rays from the sun, saving life on Earth from its very harmful(2)

 The ozone layer protects prevents us from the direct sun's ultraviolet rays by absorbing most of the ultraviolet radiation before it reaches to the earth's surface.(3)

ozone and oxygen molecules are there in the earth's stratosphere, in which they absorb UV light from the sun, providing a covering that prevents this radiation from reaching the earth's surface.(4)

People living near the Equator should be just as concerned about suns harm as people living where the ozone layer is thinning. The higher the sun is in the sky, the greater the direct sunlight is reaching the Earth. Staying away from the sun when it is directly overhead (around noon hours), putting on sunscreen, and wearing a hat will help protect you.(5)

If we did not have this protective layer that protects us from the harmful rays of sun,it could cause sunburn, skin cancer, and damaged eye sight.(6) a

Many varieties of substances which pollute the air include — toxic substances and man made chemicals — which enter the atmosphere. They may remain constant,intact and linger for decades, even up to a century, which gives them the opportunity to create considerable damage to the atmosphere.

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https://prezi.com/o0uui5-nax_i...otect-life-on-earth/ (6)

In the next time round research I will looking at Ways in which the ozone layer protects life on Earth

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Hi Docars!

Loved your post, you did a great job. Everything was properly referenced and organised. Your points were clear and precise as well. This is a great topic to do because it is an extremely important one. It is something that everyone should be taking more seriously since it keeps us alive. Maybe in your next post you can add a section on how we can solve this problem. Climate change is an increasing threat, and our generation is the one that will have the greatest impact on whether or not it gets better or worse. I have linked below a website that might help you out. Keep up the good work!



Hey Dorcas,

This is a great, informative research round that truly highlights your understanding on the topic. I like how you included a variety of links to support your information, as well as the way that you made the post easy to read and understand. The diagrams that you added were also really helpful to gaining a new perspective on the topic!
You said that you will be looking at ways that the ozone layer protects life on Earth. I think that this could lead to a very interesting research round, you could even talk about the relations between the sun, the atmosphere, and the ozone and their impact on life. You could explain how living things would be affected if there was no ozone layer. If you want to look into this, here are some useful websites:




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 Hi Dorcas! 

 This is a cool topic! In terms of continuing on, it would be useful to consider;  

 1) What biomes and parts of the world are impacted on a greater scale by holes in the ozone layer? Are there specific habitats or places where living things are more vulnerable to these conditions?  

 2) How do living things adaptations help them? What kinds of living things are in danger due to the ozone problems and what could be some solutions? 

 Here is a link you may enjoy: 


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