Although e-cigarettes may not be as harmful to one's health as cigarette smoking. vaping is especially damaging to the younger user. most types of e-cigarettes including the most popular brand juul contain nicotine, the addictive drug found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

According to my research i found out that e -cigarettes were developed in part to help adult smokers cut their tobacco use  to provide a "healthier" alternative. one problem with vaping is that teens hear that it's not as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes and think there is no harm. they really think that they are mostly flavors  that they are inhaling a pleasant gas.

Most e-cigarettes deliver,nicotine which is highly addictive and may cause negative health effect such as harming the developing brains of teens. Both e-cigarettes and regular cigarette contain nicotine which may be as addictive as heroin and cocaine. many e-cigarette users get even more nicotine than they would from tobacco product.

What i find most concerning about the rise of vaping is that people who would've never smoked otherwise especially youth are taking up the habit. vaping  involves inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. the term is used because you can't "smoke" an e-cigarette since there is no smoke only vapor.

Through my research i found out that there are different types this are;

TUBE MODS>  This are a vaporizer that looks like a futuristic flashlight.

MECH MODS>This are mechanical type power units with more powerful batteries that generate a higher voltage typically meant to generate more vapor.

BOX MODS>This are the futuristic looking power supply units you see vapers gripping.

E-cigarettes and vaping devices are harmful to the lungs and contain toxic cancer causing chemicals and other harmful agents such as volatile substances ultra-fine particles and heavy metals like nickel,tin and lead. not only are teens inhaling these substances into their own lungs but bystanders also are inhaling these toxins other dangers include e-cigarettes and electronic devices that are defective can cause fires and serious unintended injuries. 



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Hey Trizah!

Great post! Your topic is really relevant as in my school, vaping is very popular and it is honestly quite scary! Although these devices are meant for those 21 years and older, most companies design their advertising towards youth. So, if it interests you, it may be worth looking into the marketing strategies these companies use to entice youth.

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:

Great job and good luck!

Hi Trizah,

Great round of research! Vaping is a very serious and very prominent in society today. It is especially popular with youth, even though it is not directed towards youth, by law at least. Although I'd prefer to inhale a sweet aroma of an e-cigarette over smoke from a regular cigarette while walking by people who smoke/vape, both have horrible consequences and I would really rather not have to inhale any type of smoke or vapor while walking in the city. That I think is the main problem e-cigarettes create - the companies create "flavours" that people, especially young people, find desirable, and they make people think that it isn't as bad for your health as cigarettes, which can lead to more people trying it out as a result. Like Heeva mentioned, I think it might be a good idea to look into marketing strategies that e-cigarette companies use and the consequences it has. 

Here are some websites you might find interesting:

Good luck!

Hey Trizah,

Great research, again. I always love reading your work as it is concise, easy to follow along with, and very informative. I agree with Heeva, vaping is a major issue at Best. Additionally, a lot of vape-products aim their marketing towards younger adults over older individuals trying to get over a smoking habit. For example, the variety of flavours and colours vaporizers come in. Does a fifty-year-old man who's trying to quit his bad smoking habit really want to smoke cotton candy flavoured juice from a  fluorescent, shiny, rainbow vape? Probably not.

Here are a couple of sites if you want to look into the subject:


Good luck with your research, I look forward to reading what you find

Hi Trizah! 

 Awesome research, I like how you looked at different examples of e-cigarettes. Vaping is such a dangerous thing in society, and yet, it's so popular among youth. I think peer pressure and persuasion social media and advertising definitely are factors as to why people continue to vape, regardless of the consequences. Teenagers (and adults) don't realize that vaping is just as bad a smoking and still has many negative effects. 

 This site may be helpful with your research:

 Good job, I can't wait to read more of your work! 

Hi @Trizah Gatuiri (Sweetwaters)

Awesome to see your post! It definitely is arguable if vaping is more better than cigarettes. Studies definitely has been showing that it is just as terrible and detrimental.

This article touches on many different aspects and explains the health effects that there is more to vapes than we think. 
A large rampant problem among our high school peers is this vaping fad. Some schools worse than others, but there is a significant amount of people doing this and your post research says that it has 

negative health effect such as harming the developing brains of teens

This is quite unfortunate. Especially some indications that it harms the cardiovascular system as well.

Hopefully, people will make better choices as your round of research informs them about the results that occur! Perhaps this low-level fad will lower in time. 

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Nicely done! 


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Hi Trizah! 

Fantastic post. I highly agree with "vaping" becoming the new norm throughout our youth. Teenagers are getting told that it is not as bad as smoking actual cigarettes, which is not the case as you explained. Vape devices have so many chemicals; nicotine as the highly addictive. I feel like nowadays, vaping has replaced smoking cigarettes and it is the new "trend." I think it would be cool if you researched on why vapes have become so popular in the past years. 

Here's some sources that can help you: 

Good job!

Hey Trizah, 

Great work! Vaping is SO prevalent nowadays and very normalized in youth. Because it's fairly recent, the long term effects are unknown, but we know that they are harmful to some extent. The way these devices are marketed have increased their popularity among youth, because they are perceived as being less harmful, which is not true whatsoever. Cigarettes were the last big nicotine trend, and we now know the effects of it. Maybe making a comparison between traditional cigarettes would be interesting, with regards to popularity and accessibility.


Good luck!

Hey Terizah!

Great round!  I appreciate you doing research on this this because although it is a popular topic I haven't actual read that much about it.

I think vaping is just sad and it's gotten to a low point.  I have people in the halls come up to me in the halls asking me if I have a "nicotine device" as they call it as a joke, which really is just a sad joke.  It's sad to hear people my age literally say they are addicted and watch people coming out of class at least once each block to go to the bathrooms because they are actually addicted.  It's sad to watch seemingly healthy kids have trouble walking up stairs without loosing their breath because they vape so much.  The sad part is that they now know exactly what it does but they just can't stop now.  I have talked to so many people who all say they "wish they could stop".

I agree %100 with you about the fact that they do it because it's technically better for you than actual cigarettes.  I just wish they could see that just because its not as bad doesn't mean it's good.

Overall great research round! here are a few links that could hopefully help you in your next round!  Something to look into is the problem of illegal activity.  For example how kids are getting them and what police are doing to shut down places that are selling them.



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