The five types of technology

Hey guys ,it has been  long before i posted but am still working on my new topic on evolution of technology in our day to day life.As i promised from my last post that  i am going to look at the ;

1.Five types of technology.

2.New technology trends.

3.Impact of the technology has on us today.

4.challenges and benefits of technology evolution. 

I will start off with my first concept about the five types of technology which are;






Today i will look at the five types of technology and their branches.

I will start off with engineering ;


Engineering is the application of scientific principles to design or elaborate structure, can also be defined as action of working skillful to bring something about.Engineering has existed since the ancient time as human devised basic invention such as;




The word engineering was derived from the word engineer.

Branches of  engineering.

There four main branches these are;

Chemical engineering

This is the application of biology chemistry and  physics in order to carry out a commercial scale and chemical process.

Electrical engineering

This is the study and manufacturing of various electrical and electronic system such as generators and motors.

Mechanical engineering

This is the design of chemical system or physical system such as energy system, aircraft product.

Civil engineering

This is the design and construction of public and private works such as building and infrastructures.


Scientific technology is the science put into practical use to solve problem into invent useful tools


Medical technology encloses a wide range of medical conditions affecting human.

Branches of medical technology

There are several branches i will look at a few ; 

1.Clinical pathology

Clinical pathology is the study of disease by means of processes or serological  examination .


Haematology is the study of the physiology of the blood 


Is a science branch which deals with the study of viruses . 


Is the branch of medicine concerned with immunity.

4.Environment technology

Environment technology is the application of one or more environmental monitoring  to curb the negative impact of human involvement.

5.Biological technology

Biotechnology is the use of living system and organism to develop a product in way that technology is applied by using biological structure. 

Branches of biotechnology

1.Red biotechnology;that is used for medical process that is used in finding cures and creating organism to produce antibiotics.

2.Green biotechnology; is used in agriculture process that use biotechnology is also known as plant biotechnology that involves the improvement of plant species resulting in crop improvement.the application of biological techniques to plants with the aim of improving the nutritional quality. 

3.industrial biotechnology;is also known as white biotechnology is applied in industries they include new invention vehicle part , fuel for the vehicle and biopolymers.


Next time i will look at the trend of technology in all the five field.

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