Hey everyone!Hope you are doing good.Today we will at effects of railways.The railway has bring up many effects.Actually am sure you agree with me that ;these effects are all almost positive. As we started this topic we saw that rail transport  are accompanied with accident though rare compared to other modes.some of these effects were that railways;

  • were a great physical achievements
  • were a result of progress in the iron industry and coal output, brought about by greater use of steam
  •  caused great expansion of the metal industries and increased the demand for coal
  • influenced the development of most other industries
  • reduced transport costs and therefore prices. They helped to increase domestic and foreign markets
  • created the labor aristocracy' and New Model Trade Unions
  • after 1843, the export of railway technology brought wealth to Britain
  • helped agriculture
  • equalized agricultural prices and increased markets
  • led to the development of the deep-sea fishing industry grimsby  was the greatest beneficiary.
  • reduced travelling time and thus released resources
  • made London become even more important
  • meant capital was shifted into railway investment from other areas
  • provided new forms of investment outside government securities
  • were one of the first instances of large-scale separation of ownership from control in industry
  • did much to break down social isolation
  • allowed country children to travel to towns to school
  • increased travel prospects for all
  • unified the country
  • were efficient, reliable and punctual
  • allowed the development of large-scale industry by minimizing transport problems
  • encouraged the rapid growth of towns because there was easy access to food, raw materials and building materials. Many towns became railway centre.
  • made national markets available to more manufacturers
  • began to use steel. In 1856 Bessemer's converter reduced steel prices by 75%.
  • increased the mobility of labor (and the Chartists)
  • virtually destroyed canal transport, but stimulated some road building as feeders for railways
  • allowed for the faster dissemination of ideas and for the growth of national newspapers
  • stimulated political life
  • reduced the cost of living
  • marked the decline of regionalism
  • allowed the growth of a 'rentier' class
  • allowed a more efficient maintenance of law and order










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Your post is super informative and is full of interesting information! I really enjoyed reading it! It would be helpful if you left more space between each point because then it would be a bit easier to read. Other than that it was great! I liked how you made a list rather than writing paragraphs because it made it a quick read while still getting a lot of information in! I would like to know your opinion about the subject too though, so I think that it would be cool if you added that at the end of future posts. 

Great job and I look forward to reading your future posts! 

Hey Ashilline,

Great post! Lots of information here. One thing you might want to research next is the negative impacts of the railroad.; you mentioned that it was mostly positive, but its construction would have some impact on the environment with regards to the increased production of fossil fuels, habitat destruction, etc. I'm not sure exactly how detrimental these factors are, but they do pose some threats and building and maintaining railroads have such consequences. Might be interesting to look into!

Good luck!

Hey Ashilline,

Great post this week! It was very in depth and informative, and I like that you gave a wide range of positive effects that applied to many different areas. Going forward, I would maybe try to find more negative effects as I am sure there are some (perhaps quite a few). As Maiya stated above, railroads definitely cause some environmental harm. Here are a couple sites you could use to research the negative aspects:

Good luck with your future rounds, I look forward to reading what you find

Hi Ashilline! 

Your post taught me a lot about railways in general! I enjoyed how you listed everything in point form, so it is easier to read. You went into detail in your research, which helped us readers gain a better understanding of the concept. As Joanna and Maiya said, I think it would be really interesting if in your next post you include the negative effects of railways on the environment, and why they would particularly be negative. This way we can contrast and compare.

Here are some sources that can help you: 



Good luck, excited to read your next round of research! 

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