Hi everyone, my next cycle is about mining something that found it being interesting to know how the two countries succeeds in mining 

Mining is an extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth which form a mineralized package that is economic interest to the miners. Which also include extraction of non-renewable resources mining of stones and metals have been a human activity since prehistoric times (4)


Minerals  that the two country mine

Canada (3)

  • Precious metals 
  • Gold,silver platinum 
  • Base metal 
  • Iron,copper,lead,zinc,nickel,coal,limestone.

Kenya (2)

  • Gold found in western most part of the country 
  • Iron 
  • Soda ash 
  • Limestone 
  • Fluorspar 
  • salt

The mineral are obtained by blasting and quarrying rocks which are found near ground surface.

Method of mining (1)

  1. Underground mining = which are more expensive and are often used to reach deeper deposits.
  2. Surface mining = used typically used for more shallow and less valuable deposits.
  3. Placer mining = used to sift out valuable metals from sediment in river channels sand or other environment 
  4. In-situ mining = primary used mining uranium involves dissolving the mineral resources in place then processing at the surface without moving rocks from the ground.


Kenya has proven deposits of titanium gold and coal but country’s mining sector is a relatively small contribution to national output although its revenue are expected to grow a new mines come

on  my next research i will be looking at environmental impact of mining.










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Hey Agnes,

Great research round comparing and contrasting the different mining situations between the 2 countries. As you mentioned above, copper, gold and silver are commonly found in Canada; however, it was too bad you didn't have a chance to visit Britannia Mines. https://www.britanniaminemuseum.ca/ Located in Squamish, Britannia Mines has daily tours inside the mine and fun activities like panning for gold and drill demonstrations. It is a great representation of Canada's mining history, perhaps if you visit again you will have a chance to take a tour. Out of curiosity, why does Canada and Kenya only have Gold metals found in both countries? Is it the same type of land, specific area? Anyways, it was great getting to know you here in Canada and I hope you have a safe trip home. 

Hi Agnes,

I'm interested in your topic for two reasons... I worked as a geologist at one time in my past (gold exploration the Canadian arctic), and I grew up in a mining town in northern Manitoba (a province in Canada). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thompson,_Manitoba

When I saw you were interested in the effects of mining, I thought of a city called Sudbury in Ontario.  The actual mining was relatively clean, but the smelting of the ore was incredibly damaging.  You can see from this site what it was like. 


The acid precipitation produced pretty much killed everything in the area.  Later, when new laws came into effect, the company built a huge smoke stack to spread the air pollution over a wider area.  This worked, but caused other problems. http://www.soe.uoguelph.ca/web...17/Sharer/index.html





Hey Agnes! 

It was awesome reading your post and noticing the differences in mining between Kenya and Canada. I have never really put the thought of how mining exactly works, so you did a great job in explaining the different ways you can mine! I'm really interested in finding out the environmental impact mining has in your next round of research. Like this one, you can contrast perhaps the positives and negatives of mining. 

It was also really nice meeting you, and hope you had a lot of fun here in Canada.
Best of luck 

Hey Agnes!

First off, I must commend you - your quality of research, the images you included, and your cited sources are fantastic! Great job! I liked how you compared Canada and Kenya as most members on this site are from these two countries and I'm sure you have connections with both as well. I'm not someone who knows a lot about mining so it was very cool to learn something new. 

Since your next round is about the environmental effects of mining, here are some sources that may help you:




Good luck! 

Hey Agnes,

This is such an interesting perspective on the differences of the two countries. I have never thought of comparing Canada to Kenya in terms of mining and the minerals mined.

I understand that in your next cycle you will be looking at the environmental effects of mining. This is a great direction to take since in the end you can compare the cost and benefits of the activities in relation to mining. On that note it would also be great if you looked at both the long term and short term effects of the activities to the environment. What would one expect in a mining area in a span of maybe 20 years? Do these activities also affect other areas away from the mining sites? You know, butterfly effect.

You would be interested in finding out that Titanium mining in Kwale District here in Kenya is conducted by a Canadian corporation. On that note maybe on later cycle you might look at the relationship between the two countries and how sustainable it is regarding issues mining.



These might help you in your next round of research.



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