The camera that was invented after pinhole camera

Photographic cameras root go deep,  it started with Obscura camera that is known as pinhole camera and continued  with Daguerreotype.Daguerreotype is photographic is a process that named after the inventor Louis Jacques  Mande  Daguerre. It is a unique  image on silvered copper plate to help fumes that made it exterior light sensitive.Viewing a daguerreotype the image does not sit on the surface of the metal but appear to be floating in space.Next i will be looking on the working of Daguerreotype.

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Hey Nasib,

Really interesting research you have here! I like how you are focusing in on each camera type in a chronological order, it feels like we are going through time, and makes it easier to understand.

Here is a link that I think might help with the rest of your research, it is about Daguerre and his invention;

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Hey Nasib! 

I'm loving this research! Photography and the science behind it have always been incredibly interesting for me, and I find it so amazing that you're researching the history behind such a miraculous invention!

Here are some links regarding the Daguerreotype which might be helpful:

Good luck!  

Hey Nasib,

cool to hear about the Daguerreotype, it's interesting to see the begin of the cameras. A possible suggestion for you is that you could compare today's digital cameras with the pinhole or Daguerreotype explaining their differences and similarities. 

This link explains the process of the camera

This is a video explains the process as well

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