Hello everyone,,,I was inspired by another post that is;climatic change threat and solution by Peter Shirazi <@Tigithi (Kenya)>.The post really impacted me as it had awesome points that were well explained.As for me I decided to do a deeper research on it.I discovered that high temperatures result to melting of glaciers in which there is rise in sea levels that causes floods.What causes the rising of temperatures?this is due to global warming that is,greenhouse gas effect caused by increased Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other pollutants from industries.

The rise of sea levels will eventually lead to flooding in the coastal areas in which there is destruction of vegetation like mangrove and loss of lives of the people living in coastal areas.As the climate warms, it changes the nature of global rainfall, evaporation, snow, stream flow and other factors that affect water supply and quality.

Possible solutions can be(1)eliminating the burning of coal, oil and, eventually, natural gas.it may be a challenge in richer nations as some of their activities are from products made from such fossilized  sunshine.(2)Consuming Less—the easiest way to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions is simply to buy less stuff. 

(3) capturing carbon dioxide before it is released to the atmosphere and storing it in some fashion, either deep beneath the earth, at the bottom of the ocean or in carbonate minerals.Carbon capture and storage is critical to any serious effort to resist climate change.

Thanks for sharing your work and inspiring me to create more creative and original posts.

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Hey Dorcas, 

I love that you are writing burns because I found they are becoming lost within the website. You did a great job highlighting Peter's topic of climate change and added your own information as well. Shying away from the ordinary burn, you took his topic and researched more to give us the readers a brief overview to allow us to truly appreciate the importance of climate change. As our world continues to be negativity impacted by climate change, our society needs to be aware of the issues we are facing and the variety of solutions available to help save the world for future generations. By choosing Peter's work as a burn, you are helping the cause be known and contributing the much needed change. Keep up the great burns and I look forward to reading your next research round! 

Hey Dorcas!

Great Burn on Peter's work! We don't see a lot of Burn posts anymore, so it's nice to read one after so long! Climate change is a very serious issue that unfortunately, is not being taken as seriously as it should be by many people. Because of the sheer quantity of the pollution and trash we, as humans, are creating, there is not a lot of time to undo the damage we have done. So, if it interests you, perhaps researching some more ways we can help climate change would be a good topic for your next cycle!

Overall, nice job on your Burn!

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