The Burn

A balance between photochemical production and recombination is the total amount of ozone .can you think about life here on earth without ozone layer .can we survive?-Mary Wambui

This made me think of life without water Air and most essential things we do not appreciate.Ozone being our only protection from the direct sun rays ....Do you think there are ways we can survive without it????

Do you think we can try preventing the depletion???

Nice research you got ...waiting for more of your research.

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Hey Warutumo! 

Nice burn summary! I definitely agree with you that as humans, we take things like water and air for granted. I mean, without these things, life wouldn't exist! If you are interested in thinking about these things, it might be interesting to think about what our world would look like if humans never existed. Personally, I would find that really fascinating. 

Great job! 

Hi Warutomo!

You're definitely right, us people don't appreciate a lot of different factors on earth and once they are in danger is when we begin to care, such as pollution in our air and garbage and plastic in our oceans and seas! Maybe you could discuss what would happen in the ozone layer disappeared. How would we, on earth, be affected? What would change?

Here's a website you might find useful for this: 


Good luck! 


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