Inquiry plan __ Based off of technology's past, present and theorized future advances, how could it change the world around us in the future?

Inquiry Plan

Based off of technology's past, present and theorized future advances, how could it change the world around us in the future?


The idea of this question came to me when I was getting pissed at my computer yesterday due to its low ram and how it tended to slow down a lot when running a virtual machine cause it would take 4gb’s of the ram and allocate all of it to the virtual machine cutting the already low 8gb’s down to 4gb’s. But that’s not from where the question came, the question came when I thought of the computer my dad currently uses that has 32gb’s of ram, and how mine with 8gb’s was his old computer, the only difference between the two though is that mine is 4 years older then his current; so the thought came to me about how over those 4 years the amount of ram in a computer of that grade quadrupled, which matches up perfectly with Moore’s law that we will double the number of transistors we can fit in a space every 2 years (transistors are an important part of memory chips, a type Integrated circuit, which are then an important to ram for storing memory), so I wonder then that if we continue at this pace, just how much faster would we be getting and what exactly would we be able to accomplish with all this extra power?

I think that this is a very important topic because in this day and age technology surrounds us everywhere and is used for a multitude of purposes. Think about it like this right now over data (4G LTE) we get speeds of usually 4mb’s to 12mb’s per second and a theoretical max of 100mb’s per second, it’s pretty fast but I’m pretty sure all of us have had moments where it’s been really slow, well in theory when 5G data finally goes into wide release in 2020ish it’ll be 100 times faster, with its theoretical max speed being 10gb’s per second, but presumably speeds would average much slower then that, but if we take the average of before and times it by how much faster it’s estimated to be we would get speeds of 400mb’s to 1.2gb’s per second, which no matter how you look at it is insanely fast. In fact that’s faster then the read & write speeds of most USB’s and SD cards (the one on my phone, for example, has a read & write speed of about 88mb’s per second), of course, most computers now days use solid-state drives that have read & write speeds of 200mb’s to 550mb’s per second; now the read & write speeds don’t actually connect to your data speed, that’s more so just to emphasize just how fast 5G data would be predicted to be in comparison to some of the faster commercial objects of today.

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Round 1

For my first round, I want to look into the history of technology, previous advances in technology that shot us forward into the future. Things like the creation of Solid state drives, Personal computers, portable and touchscreen phones, CD’s to DVD’s to Blueray DVD’s, the amount’s of ram/memory in previous computers (The Apollo 11 guidance computer had 2 kilobyte’s of memory, modern phones have 4gigabytes of memory, a factor of 2 million).

How has technology been moving forward?

How did these inventions propel us into the future?

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Round 2

For my second round I would like to look into theoretical technology; things that are currently being developed and have not et actually been released and things that have so far only been theory or prediction. Things that may go under this category are 5G data which is currently in the testing phase, 3D printing FOOD, Advanced AI that would be able to pass the Turing test, and much much more. I want to look into these things as they would most accurately depict what technology could end up doing for us in the future.

Just how likely are these technology’s to actually become real things?

Is it possible that they will not live up to our expectations of them?

Could these technologies in some cases end up doing more bad than good?

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Round 3

In the third round, I will be taking a look into how future technology’s or advances in current technology could affect the future. Would it be possible to have data not only where we have towers but data/internet from flying balloons that slowly orbit the earth at low altitudes, allowing the number of people with access to the internet go from around half the world to 75% or more? This round, in my opinion, will probably be the most important of the three as it’ll actually give a prediction of what we may be able to accomplish with future technology and will require knowledge from the first and second rounds to predict.

How could technological advances help the life span or health of humans?

What would some changes in our day to day life look like?

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Round 4

In this round, I intend on answering any questions that I’ve come upon while doing my research or any questions posed on the previous rounds that I may have not had the chance to yet answer. As well as things that I think would be cool if they were invented in the future.


Thank you for reading, if you have any things you would like me to look into or technology’s that may be of interest then leave a comment down below and ill make sure to read it


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Hey Bogdan, 

Wow. Your knowledge and passion towards technology is great considering it surrounds us on a daily. The inquiry question itself is quite intriguing because technology has evolved quite a lot throughout the years and I can't wait to see what the future with holds. One suggestion I do have for yourself is perhaps splitting your rounds of research down more because your plan covers a lot in one. As I mentioned above your ideas and plan are amazing but to really dig deep into each one of them would be quite informative and you could easily continue with this question unto the next cycle. Not to mention people like myself may need some clarification on specific tech words such as "ram". I wish you all the best for your rounds of research! 

Hey Bogdan!

This sounds like a great inquiry! Like Lauren mentioned above, it seems like you have a lot of passion for this subject which will make your research even more interesting to read. Your question is something I think about a lot as well. I always reflect on how much and how fast technology has evolved from just a few decades ago. It really makes me wonder about where it can go in the future. It sounds crazy, but all these fancy gadgets and gizmos that we have now will most likely be obsolete soon considering how fast this industry is evolving. I'm really excited about your research!

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:

Good luck!

Helloo @Bogdan Badea (Charles Best)

This was a great plan to take a look at. It definitely peaked my interest as you are talking about a really relevant topic. The photos really helped understanding what you were mentioning.
Incredibly, the advances in our technology at the moment is amazing. We are the living the history of technological foundations which in the future will refer to this day as the new turn. 
In history, a lot of the technology has been developed partially because of war. The rapid changes comes from nation competition, and while it may have resulted horrible events happening. The side product is the applications and benefits that it has given to society. 
Perhaps you could take a look into the military research and where that may lead us  

Sources to help you out!


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