Hello everyone! 

 This post is going to be a bit smaller than my previous posts. Recently, I have conducted a survey with the grade 9's at my school because many of them took the MBTI test as part of their Careers 8 curriculum. I only have a few results in so far, but I plan to get some more from the classes as soon as possible. 

 As of June 6th, 2019, here are the results: 

Questions Asked:

  1. Did you complete the MBTI personality test as part of Careers 8? (I filtered out all the students who answered "no" to this question) 
  2. What were your results? (Or, what do you remember about them?)
  3. Do you believe your results represent you? Why or why not? 

My Hypothesis:

 "There will be many students who have taken the test, and of those students, many will be outraged by their results, believing they do not represent them."

Sample Size: 16 students, ages 14-15 years

After filtering out the students who did not take the test, here are the results of my survey: 

  • 14/16 students remembered their results
  • 2/16 students did not remember their results


  • 12/16 students believed their results represented them
  • 1/16 students believed their result partially represented them (ex. Some letters were a match and some were not)
  • 3/16 students did not remember or where indifferent

 Possible flaws with this survey: 

  • Asking students a year after taking the test, so they may not remember (as you may have noticed, many students answered "unsure" 
  • Small sample size - only 16 kids
  • Answers are based on the students memory, reflection skills, and opinion of themselves and the test
  • Too many or not enough questions may have been asked 
  • Like I keep saying, I am not a psychologist!


These results were different than what I expected. My original prediction was that more students would have taken the test, and more students would've believed their results did not represent them. I can conclude that the students I interviewed may not have been deeply affected by the test, because many of them did not even remember their results. I can also conclude that most of the students who remembered their results believed the results represented them accurately. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading the research I conducted! Next time, I will be posting my "mini-test" which I created based around the Big 5 Personality test, and as more results from my grade nine survey come in, I will keep you updated, as this may drastically change what I have found so far! As usual, all comments are welcome. 



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Hey Sophie!

Another great round! I've really enjoyed following your research for this cycle and this round does not disappoint! Reading about your survey results was, of course, really interesting but the fact that you also included possible flaws with your survey is also appreciated. I also created a survey for my past cycle and my biggest issue was the sample size, so I can relate to your flaws. 

Overall, I think you've been doing a great job with your research and I look forward to what you come up with next!

Hey Sophie,

Great research again this week! I like that you incorporated a hands-on, real-life experiment into your research this post. I think it's great that you're not only sampling from the students on butterfly effect, but also from those in your school and community. Nice! I think another great way you could expand this is to have some adults take the test and see if their results reflect them, too, to see if there's a contrast between what adults think of the test vs what adolescents think.


I look forward to reading your future research, good luck!

Hi Sophie,

Great post! I really like your idea of creating your own survey to discover what young students feel about personality tests and how their own personalities are portrayed by those tests. I was slightly surprised as well that there weren't more people who thought their personality test results represented them inaccurately, as I almost always feel like my results aren't an accurate representation of whom I am as a person. I think it was good that you took possible flaws with your survey into consideration, as it is always possible that they impacted your results, and by reflecting on it you can improve your methods if you do something similar again.

I look forward to seeing the mini personality test that you come up with!

Hi Sophie,

This is a great post, and every time i come back to your research, I realize how much I love your topic. Your post is very clear and easy to read and I like how you colour coded your information. It is interesting to see that so many students thought that their results represented them. I think that as I continue on in school and life, I realize how useful it is to know some things about your personality. I found that when I did the test I had some things that I had never really noticed or thought about myself, but that I did really agree with. If you had more time, it would be cool to do this with a larger sample size and maybe have all of the students complete the test again to help get more current and reliable information. 

Again, great job.


Hey Sophie,

Great research round!! It's evident that your research and investigation was thorough, and I think it was very smart that you used butterfly effect users as well as student from your school to gain even more accurate and concise data. Your inquiry cycle has been very intriguing and I really like how you refuted your hypothesis and supported it with information that you gained throughout these past few rounds. Can't wait for your next round!

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