Studying Effectively: Metamorphosis

My goal for this research round was to look for different ways to organize work and retain more information. 

Throughout this short cycle, I realized the importance of time management and how it can make a schedule so much less hectic. The organization part of my research was fairly well-known already to me, however I enjoyed researching about external factors and how environment can affect focus.

I think that although everyone has different likes and dislikes, we all know that in order to do well, you have to figure out what works and what doesn't which can take a lot of trial and error. I used this knowledge in my life as I use to study in public spaces a lot such as the community library or the closest cafe because I thought that it was too difficult to focus at home. Which is still true in the sense that when I'm doing easy work, I will get it done much faster there. However with work that requires more thinking such as math I'll find myself working better when it is completely quiet, I just thought it didn't work before because I wasn't fully committed.

Because I'm doing butterfly effect only for one semester I also want to talk about the experience on here. First, I loved being able to connect with students from other schools and reading what they have been learning and researching about. I tend to focus a lot on science so it was especially cool to see topics that fall under different subject areas such as politics or art/social studies.

For my own research and what I've learned, I think that doing the research on the two topics that I did has been great practice in structure when writing as well as filtering information that is relevant vs what is not. When I have to do research in the future or writing in general, I think this experience will greatly help me. When I write now, I think more about how others may read and understand what I'm trying to say.

I hope that my  research has helped people in starting to think about their habits, if they are helping or counter-productive. As well thinking about medicines since I did my first topic on sleeping pills. I have become more wary of taking supplements and other drugs as now I know dependency that can happen easily.

One thing I had a difficult time with was staying interested on the current topic I was researching, every week after one cycle I often had new ideas that I wanted to talk about which made it difficult to follow my project plan. 

Overall, I had a great time reading other posts and commenting as well as working on my own topics of interests!




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Hey Rachel, 

Interesting insights! It is amazing how many environmental variables are at play at any given time. When trying to focus sometimes it can be easy and the brain can be incredibly focused and yet at other times even the most basic sensory information can be extremely distracting. Organization is certainly a key as it is the best way to counteract the potentially unfocussed brain and get it to work at some sort of pace. 


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