Hello butterfly effect.My aim today is to look at space light pollution on the ozone layer Because technology  have affected many things like the ozone layer through rockets and others.Today nobody knows the extent to which rocket-launchs  are re entering .The climate impact of rockets has not really been seriously addressed .Rockets accumulates in the upper stratosphere where particles absorb sunlight  . ozone loss is caused by accumulation of heat through the upper stratosphere.

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Hey Mary! 

This was very cool to read because I didn't know a lot about how the ozone is being affected from rocket launches, and other similar events. It was also very interesting to read about the microphysics of alumina, since this is something very new to me. Perhaps in your next round, you could discuss how our ozone will look like in a decade, or even a century, while spaceflight pollution is still happening at a constant rate.

Here's some sources that could possibly help you discover more about this!



Great job and good luck! 

Hey Mary

To start with, concurring space has been one of the greatest limps humanity has taken in the quest for terrestrial bodies and life in the universe. The advancement of space technology has proven one of the most sophisticated in the history of human kind. From basic mathematics, to computer technology, to making of rockets and satellites, not forgetting taking human beings off the earths atmosphere. Before the rocket lifts off the ground, the chemistry behind its giant engines is quite complicated. the amounts of fuel required to produce sufficient thrust is beyond say. I heard the dust the lift off causes spreads up to approximately two kilometers.

The fuel tanks burn explosively to push the rocket from the strong gravitational forces. debris from the shuttle when in contact with the swift air during motion can cause so much harm to the environment. The huge amounts of chemical waste resulting from fuel combustion could can hazard effects to the ozone layer. 

This in turn causes more harm to the already threat of the world, global warming. Maybe in your next round you could also look up at how rocket technology affects the air around the areas surrounding the launch centers.

I love space, i am looking forward to reading your next post.

Hey Mary!

Great work, you addressed an uncommon issue that is not particularly talked about with regards to pollution. Your research was laid-out in an organized way that made it easy to follow. Something you could look into is what the impact of spaceflight pollution is compared to other forms of pollution, i.e groundwater poisoning, emissions from the agriculture industry, etc. A comparative study, perhaps? Good luck, and great work!

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