Songwriting process-another quick update

I am now able to continue my song, and the one I’m working on now and what might be a promising project is an angry one based on life experience. 

Let’s just briefly say that someone who I once considered to be a good person proved me very very wrong. In other words: My Ex Said Some Awful Things To Me And I’m Glad He Is Never Going to Talk to Me Ever Again. True story. (No one cares, Haleigh).

I figure this is good song material. I already have the melody and most of the lyrics. 

Just letting you know that I will be continuing it! 

Original Post

Hi Haleigh,

Songwriting is often intensely personal in content.  When you create music, you are capturing the moods and emotions that resonate with you and putting them into a musical form.

It is also a very personal process, everyone has a different way of getting from the first hint of an idea to the completed piece of music, and every song develops in a different way.

Sometimes it seems as though the song is writing itself, with one idea exploding after another in your mind until you find yourself  with a finished work in your hands. Actually its an educative topic and am looking forward on your next research.

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