Hi, everyone,today am talking about solution of child  labor..................

1. Laws: 

Making laws that  children will not work until they reach a certain age and  makes it much easier to combat a culture of child labor. moreover, laws can be brought in to ensure that when teenagers do begin to work, they are not allowed to work beyond a certain maximum number of hours and they are paid a minimum wage.

2. Reduce poverty:

When a family lives in poverty, they may end up sending their children out to work at a young age – even if everyone else in the family is working as well,even  extra when wages are very low, additional child labor may be needed to support the whole family. This case make worse if one or both parents is absent, has fallen ill or has passed away. Reducing poverty in communities,will help to support families  meaning that they do not need to send their children out to work.

3. Education:

Providing free and good quality education to all children around the world helps to reduce the incidence of child labor. It is the case if schools providing free meals and uniforms in case of poor families do not have to go without necessary things in order to send their children to school.

4. Ethical consumerism:

By spending their money wisely consumers can help to halt or can often inadvertently support in child labor. Cheap prices  results  employing children, making adults work excessively long hours,or  even employing slave labor. It can also be involved in designing goods, too: many of the metals found in expensive cellphones.

5. Look after your employees:

 Do not just adhere to the minimum legal requirements for fair labor, but go beyond them, ensuring that everyone who works  is taken great care of.

6. Be alert, and ready to act:

 Be cautious and if you see any of child labor occurring do not be afraid to report them. Having leisure time, you could also train to work on a helpline, giving advice and support to children dealing with a description of problems – including child labor.

7. Donate to charities:

Donation in charities that work to end poverty and lack of education  generally because they are two factors that contribute especially heavily to conditions in which child labor can develop. Occasionally, we are simply not in the right place to dedicate ourselves to the fight against child labor. Fortunately, there are dedicated charity workers out there who do spend almost every day tackling this issue and our money can help them to keep up their good work.

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Hey Priscilla, 

Child labour has been a problem for many decades since the industrial Revolution and there has been drastic changes that allowed children to get an education. Perhaps you could compare and contrast the difference between child labour when it first started and now? This will allow people to see the steps people took to end child labour in some places and the effects it had on the children. It's quite sad to see that some children don't have access to an education because of poverty and the needs of their family. Anyways here is a link on the history of child labour.

I look forward to reading your next round of research! 

Hello Prisscilla, I have been waiting for this post since according to the survey submitted not many days ago,child labour and abuse is on the rise.I would also urge you to specify the laws that enable children to live in peace.This will enable us to point out those who humiliate the children.I would also urge you to tell us the types of child labour and the consequences of each.Other wise I wish you good luck in your research.

Hey Priscilla,

Great research about child child labor has existed to varying extents, through most of history. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, many children aged 5–14 from poorer families still worked in Europe, the United States and various colonies of European powers. These children mainly worked in agriculture, home-based assembly operations, factories, mining and in services . Some worked night shifts lasting 12 hours. With the rise of household income, availability of schools and passage of child labor laws, the incidence rates of child labor fell.

here i got a link which may help  you;

Hi Priscilla

I love your work not only for the what i have learnt, bit also   for the way you have clearly arranged well. all your points are clearly understandable because that is what  it should be done by our government and even everyone of us should be responsible in the society . actually child labor is something that affect our young who are their  requiring their right as a child. I have relay loved your work and am much eager to see your research. 


Nice time Priscilla

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