Hello guys,its long since I posted my last topic,today I will be looking at the possible solutions of global warming to climatic changes.

1. Speak up!

By speaking up your concerns—through the social media or,send a message to one of the elected officials telling them that you care about the world whose temparatures are continuing to rise . You can also encourage Congress to enact new rules that will limit carbon emissions and require polluters to pay for the emissions they emit.

2. Power your home with renewable energy.

Choose something that is profitable to a company that generates at least half its power from wind or solar and has been certified by Green-e Energy.

3. Weatherize, weatherize, weatherize.

“Building heating and cooling are among the biggest ways one can utilize energy,” . Indeed, heating and air-conditioning describes almost half of home energy use.

4. Invest in energy-efficient appliances.

The state of using energy efficiently is the lowest-cost way possible to reduce emissions

5. Reduce water waste.

Saving water reduces carbon pollution, too. It's due to  it taking a lot of energy to pump, heat, and treat your water.

Expand the usage of the renewable energy and also increase vehicle fuel efficiency and support other solutions.Reduce deforestation and it's accompanied  global warming emissions.


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Hi Dorcas,

This was lovely to read! It was very organised and structured, and also touched on a very important topic. Climate change is a growing concern, and needs to be dealt with soon before we cause irreversible damage. I like how you are spreading the message, and also showing the solution. Maybe next time, you could go into a bit more detail on these solutions. Other than that, great job!  

Hey Dorcas,

I love how neat, organized, and informative your research was! I especially love how you're trying to show ways to lessen the effects of climate change, which is definitely a growing issue. I especially enjoy how you showed issues that are both big and long-term (powering your home with renewable energy) vs short-term and quick changes (spreading the knowledge about global warming, reducing water usage). I think it would be cool if you looked into more changes that everyday families can make, going into more detail about them. It would also be cool if you looked into how people can influence large corporations to make environmentally-wise changes.

I'm really enjoying your research so far, great job! Keep the good work up,

HI Dorcas,

I appreciate your attitude towards environmental change. The several ways you mentioned are very effective to make a change. I like how you delivered the message, people are always afraid of doing something practical, but you told it from a small thing (speak up), which makes people believe that making a change is not difficult. Wish you good luck. Looking forward to your next post.

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Hey Dorcas!

What a nice post! Its nice to read solutions that could be done to counter global climate changing. I like the idea of speaking up. The power of words is effective. 

The energy saving theme also makes sense too! Doing what we can to reduce the amount of pollution.  But we will need to also spread the word so others can do the same and make an impact. 

Keep it up! 

Hello Dorcas!

Woah, this is such a nice write up and summary! Many people may have already said this but, this is so organized and easy to read. It really helped to see the bolded main topics, it also helped me remember what I read about better! I really liked the third topic about weatherizing and think that’ll be such a cool topic to look into (personally ). Only because it’ll be pretty cool to see what types of things can be done to reduce the amount of air-conditioning or heating in our homes!

I really enjoyed reading your topic and will look forward to more Sorry I don't have much ideas for links to help you to research your topic further ( But it's looking super great so far!!!


-Alice Y.

Hi Dorcas! 

 I thought your solutions were really important and useful. I definitely think the first one you suggested is so true about today's society. Many celebrities have brought light to environmental issues like this by using social media. 

 Is there one specific solution you would want to look more into? For example, the energy-efficient appliances- how do they affect the environment? I imagine they'd have a huge influence on climate change. 

 Neat research! 

Hi Dorcas! I really enjoyed all of your points of some solutions to global warming and climate change! Interesting topic choice, there is so much to cover for this big issue that has developed over time (many decades). 

I think that your point on water waste is very intriguing and it would be really cool to look even further into that topic. I have always been interested in water waste and ways to help solve it.

Good luck!


Hello Akinyi

This is a well organised work. I have got a lot of experience though your powerful points. Actually there is a point you have emphasized  "weatherize". I am eager too much to know much deeply about that point. People especially I included, at the end of you topic will be in a position of knowing a lot of things concerning global warming. I have really enjoyed reading you work and I appreciated your very much. Wishing you a nice moment when dealing with the next research. Here there is tow links which if you may wish to tell us more about weathering. 

                                                                                       Good luck!


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