Hey everyone it have been long since i posted any post to my research about mining, to my continuation on my last post about impact of mining in the environment, today am going to look on the  solution of water pollution as one of the environmental impact.

Water pollution solution.

While many of the solutions for water pollution need to be applied on a broader macro-level,  seven simple water pollution solutions that individuals, companies, and communities can take to have a significant and responsible impact on the water quality around them are as follows;


  • Practice Responsible Use of Fertilizer, Herbicides, and Pesticides


Surface runoff of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers into water bodies changes a water body's natural ecosystem. These chemicals can kill plants, insects, and animals in and around the affected waters, as well as create an environment that is costly to recover.



  • Minimize Storm water Runoff


Whether a small home-based project or a large commercial construction project with a little advanced planning, you can minimize water pollution from storm water runoff on your property or site and avoid costly fines.


  • Filter Runoff


Where storm water lands in ditches or culverts, a check dam or can be used to filter the run off, preventing sediment pollution and trash from exiting the property.


  • Contain Spills


Although a small leak from your car or a storage drum may seem minor, it is extremely important to absorb or contain those spills to keep them from entering the watershed as harmful pollutants.


  • Protect Curb Inlets and Drains


Storm drains are just for rain! Water that flows into storm drains and down curb inlets usually runs directly into streams, rivers, lakes, and other water sources.


  • Capture and Dispose of Floating Pollution in Waterway


Floating pollution can be contained and retrieved relatively easy with a floating boom. Boom is designed to act as a barrier for floating water pollution.


  • Capture and Filter Sediment Laden Water in Waterways


Shoreline construction projects disturb and expose soil, creating situations where exposed soil is washed into the nearby water body. This creates murky sediment laden  water that has a significant negative impact on the marine environment.

On my next research ill be looking at the solution of erosion in the environment.

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