Hey everyone am researching on solutions to end the child trafficking..

1. Education
More knowledge one has about what child sex trafficking it has the better prepared and equipped one is to stop it. Educate more about child sex trafficking. Share the information to others and educate them more.

2. RecognizeThe Signs
One could  pass by a victim of child sex trafficking and not realize it easy because of the signs . When one is able to recognize what a victim signs are  one can better help them in any way..

3. Report Any Suspicions
 . When you see any negative activity you believe may be related to child sex trafficking,  you should make a phone call to 911, or call the 24-hour National Human Trafficking Resource Center line at 1-888-373-7888.


4. Raise Awareness
Increase the awareness with those you know, either within your circle of friends and family, local churches and faith based groups, your work environment, and even with your local politicians and legislators. Ensure that schools are also aware of child sex trafficking, and how children within their own schools may be potential victims.

5. Take Action
. Speak out about the issue to others within the circles you are associated with and write letters to the editor of your local newspapers, and to politicians. Encourage state legislatures to continue to address the issue. Become complex in anti-trafficking efforts where you live, and in your own city and community.

6.Strengthening the Law Enforcement System

Most countries should create and enforce laws aiming to fight against trafficking. Implements relating to child trafficking are forgotten and often poorly enforced by national governments.  Most punishments incurred for trafficking, the more traffickers will hesitate before acting

7.Observance and Cooperation

It is important to control and observe their borders in order to ensure effective prevention. The child trafficking networks often extend well beyond the borders of a country.

Here I found a link:https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/reports/prevent-child-  trafficking-508819
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Hey Priscilla, 

Informative research on many different solutions on child trafficking! Its quite upsetting to know children around the world are being forced to partake in actions against their will because every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in life. Your solutions above are very helpful and will greatly benefit the children because they all tie into each other. For example, education is key to informing others on this important issue, but will also bring awareness since people might be inspired to take action. Perhaps in a future round of research, you could look into specific areas of the world that are prominent in child labour and investigate how they are able to continuously force children to work without being stopped. As much as we attempt to end child labour, it still seems to be an issue; however, if we research how previous traffickers were able to work around the law, it might lead to a different, and hopefully more permanent solution. Like always, I look forward to reading your next round of research and here are some links to help in the future. 

https://theirworld.org/explainers/child-trafficking < -- where does child trafficking happen


Hey Priscilla

I really like how our split up your two rounds of research. I read your other round on effects and thought it was really great that in this round you offered solutions to fix the problem.  It has made me think about my rounds of research and how to put more positivity in it, instead of looking at all the negatives.  Not to say that this is a positive in any means but just that you looked at ways to fix it which was really great.  

It is so sad to read about all the terrible things going on in the world, but this affect children is just heartbreaking.  I think something that might be interesting to look into is comparing it around the world.  Looking at where it happens most and the reasons behind it.



Another idea i had was possibly looking into the ways we have and continue to put a stop to child trafficking.   I know there are many organizations that are focused on this issue and trying to help.  Here is an article that highlights the different organizations around the world:


here is a link you might find interesting with general information


Good luck!  I hope this helps

Hi Priscilla,  

Nice research round. Good job on making it easy to read and understand. You have made this inquiry very organized. It’s evident that you put a lot of effort in this post! Nonetheless, it’s great how you are bringing light on to this topic. Learning about child trafficking is really upsetting for a lot of people, including me, and you demonstrated the need for people to wake up to comprehend the reality we are living in. The solutions you described are helpful. I particularly enjoyed reading the one about education. Studying this concept is an easy yet crucial step in contributing to end child trafficking. Awareness is number one. People need this to feel inspired to make an action. Without it, we have ignorance.  

For your future rounds of research, I suggest you delve into the various organizations that support the end of child trafficking. I believe this would a wonderful way to summarize your amazing research. By doing this, it can help contribute in seeing what big actions are already in motion. Furthermore, like Lauren mentioned, I suggest that maybe you could investigate how traffickers are going around the authority. Some people are “getting away with it” because of victim blaming, lack of police enforcement and difficult convictions. The first website below goes into much more detail on these concepts. I look forward to your next rounds of research. 


Websites you can use: 





Good luck on your next round,


Hey Priscilla, 

Great roudn of researhc! This was very informative and was organized in a way that was easy to understand, while still being very detailed. It would be interesting to look into what kinds of organizations help prevent child trafficking and exactly how effective their measures are. You could also look into which organizations could be globalized to help countries where there are less regulations. Good luck!


Hello  Priscilla, 

Your post is very clear and well organized.  I think child trafficking reflects on both the rights of children and the value of children. The  outline what we can do as a community is helpful and through. I think most people would find child trafficking sick and simple not ok. It is an international problem that directly affects the most vulnerable people of our communities. Such as children living in poverty or without support to protect them.  I like how you are focusing on solutions, and action. I agree that protecting children is very important as well as reducing the vulnerability of the most vulnerable of children. The fact that child trafficking involves someone paying money to use a child suggest the need to look at the demand for it.  I am also wondering how to reduce the demand for child trafficking. 

here are couple websites to look at:



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