Hey guys I will be looking at the EFFECTS OF SOLAR RADIATION ON THE SKIN.

Too Much Sun is Dangerous

  1. Sunlight, an essential necessary for life, may be extremely dangerous to human health.
  2. Excessive exposure to the sun is known to be associated with increased risks of various diseases
  3. It may lead to skin cancers, cataracts and other eye diseases, as well as accelerated skin ageing.
  4. It may also hazardously affect people's ability to resist infectious diseases, and compromise the effectiveness of vaccination programmes.
  5. Excessive UV exposure results in a number of chronic skin changes which might be dangerous.
  6. Various skin cancers of which melanoma is the most life-threatening; an increased number of moles (including the abnormalities of a mature melanin-forming cell, especially in the skin)and a range of other changes arising from UV damage to an epidermal cell which produces keratin and blood vessels.
  7. UV damage to fibrous tissue frequently described as "photoageing"(change in skin).. Photoageing in which it makes young people look older because their skin loses its tightness and so sags or wrinkles.


  • When the skin is exposed to the sun the skin temperature increase.These effects can range from acute biological responses, such as sunburn and skin tanning, to conditions leading to chronic exposure such as photoaged skin and with capacity to develop life‚Äźthreatening conditions such as skin cancer.


reference;http://www.who.int/uv/resource.../fs227toomuchsun.pdf          https://onlinelibrary.wiley.co...73-2165.2012.00614.x

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This is really awesome research, it is very informative.

What do you think you will research next? How does this effect people of different races, or rather how does the melatonin in our skin effect these outcomes? How does sunscreen help us or what are the cons of sunscreen? Just some thoughts. Excited for your next post!

This link is a little about sun exposure and how it effects cognitive abilities. 



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