Hey everyone today I will be discussing on suns influences on climate.


Variations in the composition and intensity of incident solar radiation hitting the Earth may produce changes in global and regional climate which are both different and additional to those from man-made climate change. In the current epoch, solar variation impacts on regional climate appear to be quite significant in, for example, Europe in winter, but on a global scale are likely to be much smaller than those due to increasing greenhouse gases.

Has sun contributed to global warming

It is not possible to explain the warming of the past sixty year son the basis of changes in sun activity alone. Over the past 150 years an overall rise in solar activity has eventually contributed to global warming, mainly during the first half of the twentieth century. The effect is, however, estimated to be so much smaller than the total net human forcing of the climate system through the emission of greenhouse gases and other factors.

The Earth's climate system depends so much on the Sun for its energy. Solar radiation warms the atmosphere and is fundamental to atmospheric composition, while the distribution of solar heating across the planet produces global wind patterns and leads to the formation of clouds, storms, and rainfall. The Solar Influence on Climate provides an unparalleled introduction to this vitally important relationship.




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Hello Akinyi,,

am very much interested with your topic about solar influences on climate.many people in the world never know how the solar affects the climate.climate is one of the best here in the world and also there are also some benefits and also the effects.one of the effects are it brings drought and also floods.you are also supposed to educate us on the practices on and hoe to control climates here in the world.

am now looking forward for your next research.


Hey Dorcas! 

This is a really cool topic! 

Over the decades, climate change has become a huge issue, as it is because of our perfectly situated climate that we are able to survive. One thing that may be overlooked, however, is the sun's importance in relation to climate change. Because of this, it is so cool that you are covering this topic!

One thing that may be interesting to look at is how the ozone layer is thinning due to air pollution; its not that our sun is getting more powerful, it's that our atmosphere is getting weaker, which could be the cause of many of the issues that we associate with global warming. 

Here are some links which may help with your research: 



Good luck!  

Great post Dorcas!

I like how you looked at the sun's role in climate change. You mentioned there being other factors that have contributed to climate change, such as greenhouse gases. Perhaps you could take a look to see what these other causes are! 

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I look forward to you next post!

Hi Dorcas, 

This is an awesome post! The topic is extremely relevant and your research was really well done. You mentioned greenhouse gases, and you could maybe go more in-depth with that because the greenhouse effect is a huge factor in climate change and global warming. Another thing you could look into is the human factor; how much we contribute, etc.

Nice work!


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