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Nov 8 - For next Wednesday (Nov 14), consider our class discussion and please post a response to the following:

1). What 'Social responsibility' topic are you interested in learning more about?

2.) Why are you interested in this topic?

3.) What action could you take to support this area in a positive, sustainable way?

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1) my social responsibility topic is the foster care system

2) i am interested in this topic because i have seen countless terrible stories and experiences regarding the system.  The system is seriously problematic and no one seems to be doing anything about it.  In the future i wish to work with kids  and one of my considerations is being a social worker because i want to make a difference in kids lives.  so learning more about this would be beneficial to the future as well

3) I think the first step is educating yourself and others around you.  I find that when people are actually educated and are aware of a a problem and given a way to help, they want to and change happens.  Therefore i believe that making people aware of the corrupt system that things will start to unfold.  So something i can do is educate myself and get involved spreading awareness.  Obviously there is a lot more to this in the long run, but no one can help if they don't know there is a problem to be solved.

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The social responsibility topic that I am most interested in learning about is education; that is, children who don’t have access to good education or any education at all. 

I am interested in learning about this topic because I think that receiving an education is extremely important in a child’s life and will be the foundation of their success in adulthood. Poor people in developing countries who don’t have access to quality education will have a lot of difficulty escaping the cycle of extreme poverty, as they won’t have the appropriate skills they need to get a job that will provide them sufficient money for the rest of their life. Here in Canada, I think we take our easy access to education for granted a lot of the time. We might find it annoying to have to go to school, but there are others out there who would wish for nothing more than for a chance to go to school, but they just aren't able to, and I find that really saddening.

To support this area in a positive, sustainable way, one thing that people could do is what we already do in butterfly effect: raise money to help someone in need gain enough money to attend school. In addition, I can simply donate money to charities that help children receive an education, and I can tell others about it too. It might take a fair amount of money to put just one person through school, but it will truly help them a lot in the long run. If they are to receive a good education, it will help them in the future for finding a good job which will help feed them and their family and potentially get them out of extreme poverty.

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Hey everyone! 

The social responsibility topic I'm interested in is child labour. 

I am interested in this topic because we learned a little bit about child labour/child slavery in one of my classes this semester. Child labour affects about 168 million children in the world - that's about 11% of the world's child population. There are many reasons as to why a child must exploit themselves, the main one being poverty. There are many types of child labour ranging from those who work in factories to prostitution. Child labour is something we may hear about from time to time but because we are as lucky as we are in Canada, it. is very possible that the harsh reality of child labour and slavery is not as big of a concern as it should be. 

The solution to diminishing child labour may seem simple - just boycott any and all companies that use this form of work. However, in 1992/93, the United-States decided to ban all products fabricated by children. So, many factories, especially those in Bangladesh, were forced to fire the children because of a lack of sales. So, these children had to find another form of work like prostitution. A positive, sustainable way to support this area is buying products who have the Fair Trade symbol.

There are strict criteria a company must pass in order to have the Fair Trade logo on their products including a lack of child labour. If everyone bought products who pass these criteria, I believe more children would have the opportunity to experience a true childhood. 

Hey Butterfly Effect,

The social responsibility topic I would like to look into would be climate change.

This topic is interesting to me because I believe it's one of the largest issues the world is facing at the moment. Our world has been increasingly hotter over the years and the amount of ice sheets have been decreasing. Take Vancouver for example, most houses now have built in air conditioners due to are hot summers and during the 2010 winter, our mountains were lacking snow for the olympics. How can future generations live on a world that's overheated? Yes, humans may evolve to their new conditions, but why should they have to? Although we can't stop global warming from happening, we certainly can try to prevent it.

To help prevent climate change, some easy sustainable solutions that I could change in my life are:

Taking public transit or carpooling to reduce the pollution in the air. 

Reducing the amount of energy I use by washing clothes in cold water, limiting the use of the dryer, being conscious about turning off devices when not in use or even reducing the thermometer during the winter.

On a larger scale perhaps Butterfly Effect could take a role in the waste system at school because there are some organic garbages present at the school, but hardly any students use them.

To conclude, climate change is a large issue that we are facing and in order to prevent it from affecting future generations, we must imply simple changes to our daily lives such as carpooling, washing clothes in cold water and even sorting our garbage properly. 

"Consume less, waste less, enjoy life more"

                                                         - David Suzuki 

1). What 'Social responsibility' topic are you interested in learning more about? 

I am interested in learning more about environmental changes and healthcare.  

2.) Why are you interested in this topic? What action could you take to support this area in a positive, sustainable way? 

I know that environmental changes have been in the spotlight for quite some time now. It’s one of the largest issues Earth is facing. In other words, climate change is becoming an enormous issue for not only our society, but also everything that lives on our planet. The ozone layer is become smaller, and it's a real issue. Ever since there was a new study that found that these drastic changes will occurring during our lifetime, it had become much more frightening that we must do something now to regulate the amount of emissions that we release into the air. All our fears are becoming a reality. We only have a dozen years to keep global warming at a maximum of 1.5C. If we don't do that and if there is as small as a half degree increase, our planet can face huge risks of droughts, floods and extreme heats. Measures should be taken to slow down climate change. For example, simple actions we can do include bringing a reusable bag to when you are buying your groceries. Recycling your plastics is another idea. You can also even increase the number of reusable products in your house. By just reusing the products that have already been made, it can help the environment by decreasing the fuel that would be needed to make more of what you’ve got already from scratch. Larger steps can be taken such as beginning to use public transportation or walking to your workplace or school that aren’t far away. By doing this, you can reduce your fuel consumption. It may be a minor irritation to your life, however, overtime, it is an incredible impact from just one person. By helping out your environment, taking public transportation can also ameliorate your quality of life and help you obtain a better lifestyle. From just walking, you can connect with your environment more. From just waking up earlier, it can persuade you to have a better sleeping schedule. You can also contribute by buying from places like Value Village that sell used clothing. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps by decreasing the fuel use in making those products (on a larger scale, overtime). 


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Moreover, I am also interested in learning more about healthcare because it’s everyone’s social responsibility to ensure that everyone in their community has access to healthcare regardless of any factors. It should be the ultimate importance to everyone whenever someone is referring to maintaining or improving their general health. People get ill, have accidents and emergencies. Some people can’t afford to treat their diseases, and it's not fair to tell someone they can’t access treatment just because they don’t have enough money. Having good health is the building block to every person’s happiness, society as well as its economy. Just imagine being sick. If you aren’t feeling well all the time, your body wouldn’t want to do anything. Daily responsibilities and activities can never be fully enjoyed or performed to the best of one's ability if health is not up to par. In Canada, it is often overlooked how we have a good healthcare plan. All citizens of Canada have reasonable access to medically necessary hospital and physician services which is publicly funded. We take it for granted, and we all benefit a lot from it. There are a lot of countries with limited access to healthcare. It’s an issue. However, there are a lot of positive and sustainable ways we can do to improve your community’s health and overall happiness. For example, volunteering is the easiest way to help. You can volunteer at senior living communities, hospitals, awareness programs and get involved with your local church. You can also raise awareness by putting up posters to organizing an event such as a local run or walk. Donating money to help a stranger get through their medical bills for their medical needs like surgeries is also an aspect of helping to ensure that your community can all be capable of having a good health.

Hey Butterfly Effect,

Personally, I am interested in looking into how we can integrate greater mental health awareness and support into our education system and raise children to have a positive outlook on life. Countless teenagers struggle with depression, anxiety, stress, and pessimism. 

This topic really resonated with me because I know so many people who are so sad and down-beat and let themselves get beat up by little things. They let every downfall hinder and depress them, and they can never see the positive side of things. Personally, I'm opposed to pessimism as I believe that people always have something to be grateful for. Sometimes we can look past the things that we have and only see the negatives in life; thus, I think it would be so beneficial to have even just a one-day class where we learn about self-love, gratitude, mental health, depression, optimism, and attitude. This sort of change is something that can help a whole generation of individuals and raise us to be resilient. Additionally, it can definitely help to reduce things like suicide rates, depression, and better the general mental status of people. This is one of those things that needs to be integrated at a young age to ensure it just becomes natural instead of trying to force it on adults who have already matured and probably will not be able to undergo the same level of change. 

Ways to go about achieving this are rather simple. Students can talk to their counselors, principles, or teachers if they personally have a desire for such a thing. Moreover, if people really wanted, they could create an organization to present to students (elementary to high school) on these topics. This is something that would be really great to teach to very young children (such as preschoolers, kindies, or young elementary school kids) to integrate it into vital stages of development. Additionally, parents can simply teach these things to their children, or children/teenagers can teach themselves! A great and simple way to implement positivity and optimism into everyday life is a gratitude journal; that is, writing one thing you are grateful for at the end of every day. Or you could write one thing that made you happy, one thing you are looking forward to, etc. The list could go on forever.

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A social responsibility topic that I am interested in learning about is how education varies around the world.  

I am interested in this topic because I think that it's really sad that many people around the world don't have access to education.  It also is sad to think that so many people can't go to school just because they can't afford it.  I feel like many people take the fact they can go to school everyday for granted and don't realize how many actually cannot go to school.  It's so upsetting to think that a lot of people can't accomplish goals or receiving their dream job simply because they don't have access to the education.  

 To support this area in a positive, sustainable way, I think the first step we can take is to learn more about the circumstances other people have and to understand why people don't have access to education.  So just really educate ourselves on everything first. After that, we could start donating to charities that help send people to school and raise money to help people afford it. I think it's great that here in butterfly effect, we already raise money to send students to school. It's really great to know that we are making a difference in people's lives and helping them accomplish their goals. 

Hello everyone.


  • What 'Social responsibility' topic are you interested in learning more about?

A “social responsibility” topic that I would bee interested into looking into climate change, and the reasons as to why it’s caused and what we can do to hopefully better it.

  • Why are you interested in this topic?

I’m interested in this topic in particular for multiple reasons but the first one that come to mind would have to be that, it’s just an absolutely gigantic problem, not in that it causes a lot of trouble (though it does), but in the way that it doesn’t simply affect one region or a specific group, but effects the entire world. Global warming isn’t like a drought (though it can cause more frequent and longer droughts), a drought only effects the area where it is, global warming surrounds the entire globe, nowhere on the earth can we escape it’s grasp. Other reasons as to why I’m interested in it are: the whole way that it actually happens seems like something that would be interesting to learn about, there are people that deny it, or either think that it will not affect them within their lifetime (a new poll by Gallup actually puts it at only about 45% of people thinking that climate change will effect us), I’m curious to actually know what affects climate change most, like it’s always said that CO2 and green house gasses are negatively impacting it and such but is that all?, is there more?. It just really seems like an interesting topic to look into.

  • What action could you take to support this area in a positive, sustainable way?

Well the most obvious action that comes to mind would be to actually learn more about what is affecting climate change, and what we are doing to it. The first step in repairing something is always actually learning about the subject and what the actual things causing it are, after that its simply a problem of figuring out how to stop or reduce the causes. A few possible things to do to help reduce climate change could be to carpool/use public transport as this reduces the amount of carbon emissions that you create per ride, showering for shorter periods of time as water that we use has to be filtered and heated and goes through multiple processes which require energy which creates pollution (we use a surprisingly large amount of water when showering, about 32.5 times as much as we drink in a day [65 liters] / that’s presuming a “average” shower length of 8.2 minutes), if possible walk to your destination instead of driving, and so many more such as recycling things or reusing them rather then throwing them out.


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Hey everyone!

The social responsibility topic I am interested in  is on the polarization of people in North America and its impact on our communities.  

I am interested in learning about this topic because I think that  this politically driven nationalist movement is promoting hate and destroying communities. It is hard to resist getting pulled into an emotionally charge battle with  the outrageous comments and bullying tactics of current Political Leaders. It is hard to be positive and hopeful in such a divided community filling with hate. The polarize views keep people from coming together never mind working together toward addressing important issue that we are facing, such as poverty, international trade, climate change, and  human rights. I think it is important to build communities and learn from each other to overcome challenges rather than bulling others to get our own way. I believe we need to come to the same table and share our ideas and work together. We need to get to know each other and not settle for short cuts with stereotyping and scapegoating.

To support this area in a positive, sustainable way, one thing that people can do to open people's minds and bring people together is to celebrate.  We could have a cultural festival at our school where we celebrate our differences and similarities. We could have a common goal theme such as hunger. Share ideas that help build bridges and break down walls. A  festival where people share ideas in different ways. It could include dance, sport and art. People could submit poetry, stories, paintings, music and food. We could do a food drive as part of festival. Start by planting the seed that so much more can be gained by working together.  As the Butterfly Effects class we could start with something simple like a smile campaign to create a more friendly atmosphere. We join the world in hosting an event for the Random Acts of Kindness Week this February encouraging random acts of kindness within our school and our community.  

Thanks for your open mind!

Hello hello! 

I believe one of the topics I would like to take a further look into is social connection, ownership and responsibility itself.  How do we instill within people, inspiring them and make them emotionally connected to that they are part of a community and taking care of it.

This is an interest of topic because many of us live in these communities and this is our home that we know. In order to make our living region sustainable, how do we take care of it? Many people throw trash on the ground and littering. Despite living in the community, they still would through cigarette butts on the ground. It is plausible to say that if it was your own personal space like a bed, you wouldn't litter all over it. By looking at connections with others, ownership and responsibility, if we can find out how to create and form a connection within the people so they would think along the lines of "This is our home as well." Although the public areas are government property overall, however that is the point- it is a public area where everyone else is in too. I am interested in this because it could create a nice wave of change and a closer sense of community. Strangers on the road brush by in person or in a vehicle without really communicating or interacting with each other as if everyone is living their own life and other's are too. Yet we live in a community-style fashion so this disconnection between these two ideas is interesting to see how it can be strengthened and what that would look like.

Actions that could be taken to move this area of topic in a positive and sustainable way. First of all a detailed plan and thoughts must be set. "Beginning with the end in mind" we must figure out the ideal goal. It would need to be realistic and achievable.
Starting small, a beginning would be within the school community. Target is to form a better bond between others in the school- across grades even. Within classes, we have mixes of some grades and that is one way people meet each other and know about each other. So perhaps having a social event that gathers people around would be good. Having people to do random acts of kindness across grades specifically would promote people do kind, positive actions to others. Due to the limited amount of time in school for classes, large scale ideas would have to be ruled out. Those strategies would be having something like a school-wide clean up day where we clean the school and organize things. By doing this, everyone would have a greater appreciation for the space we learn in. Something I personally can do would be within clubs I lead or am in, we can do some initiatives to forward a better connection between each other. 


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Hi everyone! 

The social responsibility topic I'm interested in is climate change

The reason I am interested in climate change is because from the earliest I can remember, this topic has always been one to discuss between others. It is the biggest issue our world faces today. Climate change is the millennial generation's top concern for the third year in a row! I learned through friends and family that our planet is on a warming trend, our planet is just getting hotter and hotter. Many other factors include decreased snow cover, sea level rise, shrinking ice sheets in incredibly cold locations, oceans absorbing an incredible amount of heat, etc. Climate change is affecting everywhere, and we can in fact see it in our own country. Our arctic is warming incredibly quick and extreme weather!

However, we cannot just simply sit and watch all this destruction. There are little things we can all do to help share the message and make our leaders do something about it; or simply, be the chance. 

To support this area in a positive and sustainable way: 

-Take public transportation more often or even ride a bike! This helps with decreasing climate-polluting emissions

-Use energy wisely! Canada is one of the top energy consumers in the world!

You can do this by: 

  • Unplugging computers, TV's and other electronics when you're not using them
  • Change to energy-efficient light bulbs 
  • Wash clothes in cold or warm water (not hot)

Overall, climate change is an immense issue we face today. Simply applying these tasks to our every day lives could possibly help us minimize a worse destruction in the future! 

We are the change!

Thanks for reading!

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