Social media’s impact round 1

Hi Jadyn,

Cool! I really like how you are recoding your research in a book! I found it really interesting how so many people have found that social media has had a negative impact on their lives and relationships, yet so many people use it. Also I really liked how you made a graph of how social media use has increases over the past 8 years, the graph helped clearly illustrate how social media has grown. Going forward it may be interesting to research which demographics use social media and how that has changed over the past 8 years. 

Here are some sources you may find interesting:


Hi Jadyn,

I found your research on social media and its impacts to the integration of human beings.I also liked the idea that you have been recording your findings in a book which can lead to you publishing one.I liked how you have arranged your research  and above all,the graph that clearly illustrates the rate at which people are using social media over the last eight years.below is a link may help you find more information about your research.

Good luck.

Hi Jadyn! 

It is so creative of you to write a book and present it as your research. Your work is very well organized and an easy read!  I also liked how you gave us some information about the negative effects of social media, because they truly are realistic consequences of the "virtual world." In addition, showing us how the use of social media has grown in a span of 8 years was a fantastic visual aid for readers like us to understand how social media is impacting a lot of lives. I wish you the best of luck for your future rounds! 

Here is a link I found that can help you for your future diagrams (statistics, etc) 

Best of luck Jadyn 

Hey Jadyn,

You've got a cool research which is clearly illusrated by the graph which is so much informative.According to your research on social media the more the years increase the more the number of social media users increase which is a reality according to me.

Here is a link:

Looking forward for your next post!

Hi Jadyn!

this is such a cool way to represent your research and show your learning!  I personally am a visual learner, so this is really cool to see because lots of times i find reading big long paragraphs harder to comprehend.  So i really appreciated this and can't wait to follow your work.

Social media is such a bittersweet thing.  It is so cool to keep up with people and see what they are doing in theory, but personally at this point its all one fake competition.  I think it's just got out of hand, everything is staged, you are worried about how many followers your have, how many likes you have.  Then you start looking at things like snapchats, where some kids have people talking to them all day, but others don't at all.  Honestly social media to me is at a place where it does more bad than good and that's scary.

that's just my point of view, obviously there are numerous positive impacts as well, but here are a few links:


I love how you made this book, I think it's a very creative way to show your learning! Social media is having a huge impact on many people, and it is changing the way we communicate. There are a lot of different aspects of this, and it is hard to see them all. A lot of adults talk about addiction but they don't really know what it's like. In reality, technology now is completely different, and they aren't aware of many things that happen on social media. 


Here's an article about smartphone addiction in  general:


I also found an article about how quitting social media has an impact on your life, and why in many situations you may actually need to use social media


Good luck with the rest of your research!



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