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i was able to come up with ways of how we can cause Social media depression to ourselves and of how it could end us up in embarrassing incidences or scenes.
Having social media accounts has its both positive and negative outcomes.For one, a positive outcome is when we make and meet new friend and also when keeping  in touch with them.
The negative tends to be more evident that it causes 'social media depression' as warned by a mental health expert.
Not only does it cause depression as a negative effect but it also causes complications such as;-
anxiety,pressure,stress,jealousy,dislike and loneliness.

Having to much of the above emotions contribute greatly to social media depression.


  • stranger-danger-parents get worried a lot once they find out that their kids owe social media accounts.They will have the fear of them "falling in love"with some nice guy from social media only to find out that he is an old grand pap living in a certain farm which turns out to be painful and depressing.
  • oversharing-Its seen that oversharing has caused a number of vandalism such as loss of jobs,friendship,relationships and many others.One of the good examples that i can give to explain this is whereby a friend brags of how they had partied and had fun over the weekend not forgetting that their parents are added as friends as their Facebook friends.
  • simple misinterpretation-It would feel miserable for actually a person to just budge to his/her Facebook or any other account and find a post of your friends without you which would make you left out.It wouldn't be wise to judge so quick or misinterpret as they might have decided to take the picture in a certain event where you couldn't attend.
  • social media OCD-ocd means the obsessive compulsive  disorder.people with OCD are likely to keep on checking the social media updates.This kind of behavior makes someone to simply tire out and prevent them from attending their duties or obligations.
  • Neglect-this can be brought about when one decides to have a post of his/her picture or a blog and happen to have no one to commend on the post.This in turn makes someone feel neglected despite having thousands of friends but they cant say anything regarding your post.

Give it a rest-
if you happen to be among the people who keep on checking social media time to time,you need to have limits and avoid these so as to also avoid the chances of putting you into dramas.

Down to earth-don't be quick to take harsh and drastic decisions when a friend disses you in public.But instead you have to realistic and ask yourself questions and think to yourself if its possible for the friends to do that in real sense.

So let social media be a positive site for your sake and your friends. Don't let it lead you to social media depression.

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Rosemary this cool any many are addicts,can we say that only the teenagers are addicts of social media,i think no because the developed countries people are brought up with the social media,until the time they are too old they have the ability to use it i don't know all that it true but i think its so.Can one lack sleep because of social media depression?Because for me i cannot have depression with your research i would like to proof that some can be affected.I like this its upsetting.

hey mary
its indeed true that teenagers are the more large number who have been addicted by social media me being one of them.I think that when you will start using your phone so much you will understand of what am saying.And it also true that one can lack sleep because a person is always eager of how people maybe think of ones post and such.

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