Symptoms usually begins with a sudden flu-like stage characterized by fatigue,Pyrexia,asthenia,anorexia,myalgia arthralgia,headache,and sore throat.The febrile response is usually higher.This is followed by nausea,vomiting,diarrhea,abdominal pain,and hiccup.The combination of severe vomiting and diarrhea often leads to severe dehydration.Next dyspepsia and chest pain may occur,along with edema,headaches,and confusion.The skin may develop a corpuscular rash a flat red area covered with small   bumps,five to seven day after symptoms being.                   


    Internal and external bleeding may occur.This occurs after them first symptoms.Bleeding from mucous membranes or from sites of needle puncture has been reported.This may cause haematemesis,haemoptysis or blood in stool.Bleeding into the whites of the eyes may occur.Bleeding into the skin may create petechiae,purpura,ecchymoses or hematomas.Heavy bleeding is uncommon;if it occurs,it is usually in the gastrointestinal tract.           c.Recovery and death

Recovery may begin between 7and14 day after first symptoms.Death,if it occurs,follows typically 6 to 16 days from first symptoms and is often due to hypovolemia.People are often in a coma near the end of life. Those who survive often have ongoing muscular and joint pain,hepatitis,decreased hearing,and may have continued tiredness,continued weakness,decreased appetite,and difficulty returning to pre-illness weight.           Survivors develop immunoglobulin against Ebola that last at least 10 year,but it is unclear whether they are immune to additional infection.

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Your research is amazing! Good work on making it very detailed. Today, Ebola has disappeared from the headlines, but I believe we should not forget how such a long and deadly attack of virus it was. I remember watching the news and feeling devastated that so many people were suffering from something that was so hard to contain. As a result, I'm glad you're bringing it back into highlight. Ebola continues to be an unpredictable and devastating opponent that needs human and financial resources. There were thousands of people were killed. Even more were effected during the epidemic. As you mentioned, Ebola survivors continue to suffer even after they've been cured. A lot of people don't necessarily recognize that they're still going through pain. Maybe you could look into how scientists are examining the long-term effects, causes, and if Ebola is contagious. I also suggest that you could look into previous large outbreaks of viruses and how it was confronted back then. For your future research, you may also want to look into the steps we can take to prevent there being another large outbreak of any virus.

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