Should Canada continue to support refugees coming from the U.s. border?- project plan

Inquiry question: Should Canada continue to support refugees coming from the U.s. border?

Hello everyone!  I just started on butterfly effect and this is my first project.  I chose to look into something big that is happening in Canada.  When Donald Trump was elected the new president of the United States it didn't only effect them.  The new laws in the U.S. make it very difficult for refugees, resulting in many deciding to "move" to Canada.  I was interested in this topic because it will have a big impact on Canada and it's important to keep up with what is happening around us-if we like it or not.

 In the first round I will look into the new laws in the U.S.  there have been a variety of them, all just as bad for refugees as the last.  Specifically, Trump placed a ban upon refugees coming from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Lydia to cross the border for 90 days.  As a result, so many refugees are coming to Canada-legally or not.  There have been countless people walking on foot across the border too.  Furthermore the overall how, when and why will be addressed inn the first round.;  -please watch this video as I was unable to attach directly. 

In the second round I will be looking into the ways the immigrants are coming.  Canada has laws and proper procedures immigrants need to follow, so when they show up at the border they are taking a short cut.  This, in the long run and right now, is an issue.  If we let them in, one, it's like we are saying we will make exceptions, two, if we make exceptions for one family, all families will want it/expect it and three, it will turn the system into chaos in the long run.  This will occur because suddenly, there will be thousands of immigrants in Canada who have stepped right over our proper procedures.  This could be dangerous too.  we have such an extensive process because we want to make sure we aren't letting criminals into Canada.  So by doing this, we could also be letting out a signal saying Canada is weak right now.  Which honestly we are.

Finally,in the third round I will be looking at the overall impact this will have on us.  Many things could happen no matter which path we decide to take.  the one great thing about Canada and the one thing everyone relies on, is that its free.  that's why people are coming here in the first place.  so if we decide not to let the immigrants in, in a way we are just as bad as America and that is how the problem started.  But if we do, the question is what are we going to do with them.  We already have enough homeless people on our streets, we don't need thousands more.  Not to mention the problems Canadians already have. 

So hopefully I will be able to uncover the right choice-or at least a good option.


-Catherine E.

teacher: Mrs. Stuart

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Hi Catherine,

What a great topic idea, you will definitely have a lot to discuss in your future rounds of research because of the depth of this inquiry. I can see that you will be focusing on the relation with the US, and there is much controversy from Donald Trump. Yes, he has an immigrant ban, but is this beneficial in some aspects? For example, an economic aspect? By not allowing immigrants to enter the US, I have read some articles about how this has helped their economy. So, if we (Canada), continue to support these immigrants not allowed into America, will this alter our economy? Will it be detrimental or beneficial? Best of luck!

Hey Catherine, 

Interesting topic! Though this is highly controversial it is a very relevant topic that you will be able to find lots of information on. There are, of course, some economic downfalls to this but there are also humanitarian reasons to consider as well. Either way, it will be tough to come up with a concrete position on this topic without offending someone...

Best of luck,

Ben Laird

Hi Catherine!

Wow this is a topic is receiving a lot of attention right now especially since Donald Trump came up with  the ban. Like Ben said it will be really difficult to come up with a one-sided position on this without possibly offending someone. In my opinion, these people are likely fleeing their countries due to safety concerns whether that be over religion, race, sexuality, gender, social class, social norms or war/civil wars within their countries. If the fear is so strong to make them flee their own country which I assume that most of them have a strong attachment with just as anyone would with their homes, then we should help them as much as we can. Personally I do not pay much attention to politics or how the economy and stuff, however I do see how it is important for Canada to balance out our own financial, international, and social status. This will be really interesting to see what you find! I'm looking forward to read the side of the argument where some do believe that Canada should stop accepting immigrants because I have a difficult time wrapping my head around that idea maybe because I dont know enough about it! Good luck!

UDHR and the discussion around that and refugees might be interesting to take a look at!


Rachel Lu

Hi Catherine,

This is a current topic that everyone has different viewpoints. Like Rachel said, this is a highly controversial topic, especially with Trump's new bans. In my opinion, I think we should allow refugees to be able to live somewhere they feel safe. There was a news article where a man walked across the border through a forest and almost froze to death just to get to Canada. Heres a similar article:

I'm looking forward to so the different sides of this topic!

here are some sites to help:


Hello Catherine

Great question indeed.I suggest that you just accept  the refugees in your border reason being that its not their willing for them to be so.Not knowing well about Canada but i cant give you an example from our country Kenya,Many refugees are an outcome of political war.Many very rich but many of their properties are burnt down.With no other choice they end up staying in camps.The government help them but they never expected this.

maybe this may help;

Good luck.

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