S7 How can anger transform to become a positive emotion? Metamorphosis

Hello B-Effectors! This is the metamorphosis post for this series of research. Click to navigate to my previous research rounds: [1][2][3][4]

Inquiry Question: How can anger transform to become a positive emotion?

Discussion of how your inquiry now impacts your thinking

The thought processes are impacted by this research by the information I have learned about anger and emotions. One aspect of my thinking has been reaffirmed from this research. Previously, I have understood and told the abilities of a human being is limitless. This quote summarizes best of how my inquiry impacts my thinking.

“The body has limitations, the mind does not.”

– T. Grover 

In this research, while it is established that anger is a negative emotion, the ability to transform and change that anger is a possibility. Only if you are convinced and know that it can be changed. Anger could be subsided and bring a new light or point of view on a certain situation. This is an emotion that provides a narrow and different perspective. This is how this inquiry impacts my thinking. The fact that this is a prime example on how our mind can face amazing situations. Thus, the only restriction is the restrictions we impose on our thinking. 

「the mind is unlimited」的圖片搜尋結果

How will this investigation impact the decisions you make

My decisions would be now affected through how react to certain situations. Armed with the knowledge I have researched in this inquiry, I am more prepared to approach the topics of emotions and anger. An example is if I was to be angered by a certain stimulus, I can decide how I want to proceed. This research has suggested new paths for me to take when this occurs. Additionally, when another person is angered or frustrated, I can assist and provide help through the techniques from this inquiry (eg. the RELAX acronym). My choices will allow me to avoid many potentially harmful situations and lasting impacts.  Ultimately, the information of this inquiry would allow me to bring forth a new set of ideas, skills and methods to approach life problems that are related to anger. 

「impacts thinking」的圖片搜尋結果

Describe the broader impacts this new knowledge might have on others locally and/or globally

On a global scale, I believe this topic and research can have an impact. This was a topic that humans will encounter, therefore it is applicable. The range of impact for this research inquiry is wide and by learning about this new topic, they are learning more about themselves. Life is a journey with a lot of learning opportunities. As people learn, people will grow and this can transform people locally and globally in anger-related situations.

A paradigm shift could occur and allow people to be inspired. They may make a change in their life because of the new information they have learned in this research. A new perspective could be embraced and a cultural shift can start within a person or more. The benefits of understanding how our emotions work, in this case anger, could allow people to make better choices or control their impulsive actions resulting from anger. 

「global image」的圖片搜尋結果

Discussion of the challenges you faced during the project and a description of how you overcame these challenges

In this research, I had certain challenges that came up. One major challenge is that I realized that this was a topic that had sources that were either opinion based, or the scientific research was not entirely focused on the subject. The challenge of finding solid, reliable and reputable sources required me to extensively look at the options I had. Whether it was online or through books and videos. I overcame this issue with articles that were seemingly opinion based, but they had cited their sources. By looking through the sources and digging further, I was able to gather the information I need from reputable areas. I recognized that the topic itself is a challenge. This was an area that one piece of information may apply to one person but may not fit for another.


In conclusion, this series of research has allowed me to further grow my knowledge base, expertise and learn a new things that I did not know prior to starting this research. Initially, I didn't have an idea where this was heading but I am satisfied with what my results were. The research has impacted my thinking and shifted my thinking. Understanding that the mind has a limitless capability and negative emotions is just a limit set upon it. Anger can be positive, just depends on how it was approached. 

For my upcoming research series, it will be on a new topic! Keep an eye out for the project plan and inquiry question opening post! 

See you later  as always, thank you for reading! Let me know what you learned or how this research impacted you.



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Hello Jim!

Awesome Metamorphosis you’ve got here. I especially liked how you reinforced the idea that while physically we have limitations the mind does not and how we can turn anger an emotion usually viewed as being negative and bad as being good or positive and that it’s simply up to us. I really love the way you send your message, using quotes and pictures, the picture of the guy jumping the crevice with the word possible on the edge and the I & M falling really reinforced what you were trying to say. I’ve really enjoyed following your rounds of research and seeing what new quote or video you found each week. I’m excited to see how your next cycle goes, I wonder what you will choose. Will it be more about emotions or something completely different?

I look forward to reading more from you!

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