S5- Inquiry Question: Why do people exert negativity?

Hello to you all! Hope things are going well, 

Inquiry Question:  Why do people exert negativity? 

The basic idea is this! Its to find out why are people negative, or brings down other people. Looking at a few reasons and aspects to people like psychology and biological reasons as well as see how it affects society and where it is found. Checking out the idea of how Culture has its hand in the topic of negativity. Is there a differences? What the views? Western? Eastern? 

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Codes in titles: 
S: stands for "Series" which correlates to a unique inquiry question. 
Cycle: Each consists ideally 6 rounds (posts) of research. Question may change every cycle, or be continued from previous cycle. (About 4 cycles per school year) 
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I really like how you organized your post! It's super easy to read, and it gave me some ideas on how to organize my posts too by using different colors XD. I also like the codes that you're using in your titles and the little explanation at the end!

Can't wait to read you research weekly! Looking forward to it for sure

-Alice Y. 

Hey Jim! 

As always, this looks like a great research topic! This is also a question that I have wondered about; the energy that we give off is not something visible or even often expressed in our body language or expressions, but is something different all together. And yet, it still impacts us. I think it's so cool that you are going to be examining that, and dissecting the science behind the way that negative emotions are perceived in our society today! 

I am really looking forward to reading more about this topic, and I can't wait to see what you choose to explore! 

Here are some links that may be helpful in your research: 


- https://www.huffingtonpost.com...lness_b_4612392.html


Good luck!  

Hey Jim, interesting question. Biologically (in specific neurologically) I think there will be some interesting chemical changes that occur to cause the exertion of negativity but I think the really interesting questions lie more in the psychological realm. Questions about why so many people focus time and energy on bringing others down rather than on building themselves up. It would also be interesting if you were to look into the reasons why people step on others in order to get to a preferable vantage point. 

I'm looking forward to your research! 


Hi Jim,

I really like your topic and there is a lot of potential research you can do for it. I am interested in the fact that you will be researching psychological and biological factors to come to a factual conclusion by the end of the cycle. One thing I would suggest to take into consideration: the nature vs nurture debate. Essentially, this is a debate on whether certain characteristics or behaviours were either inherited genetically (from birth) or brought up from the environment the person surrounds themselves in. You could tie this into your inquiry about negativity, because a person's personality could be from birth or taught in a certain surrounding/environment. I did research on this a while back, so if you would like some of my posts, just ask!

Good luck

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