Hey everyone! As you may already know, my research for this cycle has come to an end, but I have decided to come up with another round to focus on touching base with the aspects of markets involving adolescents. From my previous rounds of research, you may know that my inquiry question is.. 

      "Why are people being affected by drugs at music festivals?" 

However, I decided it would be interesting to add in the factor of markets and how they are promoting "drugs" as a liable activity. So, in this round of research I will be visiting how drugs are marketed to people, especially the youth, on the daily.

Hope you enjoy! 

Social media

(1) Social media is not only a way to communicate, but for people to learn about other people's ideas and share their opinion. However, it is through social media where celebrities promote substance abuse as an amazing activity. Substance abuse is exposed on social media platforms, and people, especially adolescents, want to do the exact same. 

In fact, social media helps provide further validation that this behaviour is "cool" and the new "norm." This technological platform seems to be contributing to the overall trend of substance abuse, and urging the youth to follow their path. (2) According to recent statistics, kids who have seen photos of others "having a good time," are three to four more times likely to have used marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol compared to kids who have not viewed this type of pictures. 

(1) This also leads back to my second round of research, when I was discussing about peer pressure and the constant need for adolescents to be socially accepted by others. Social media can be viewed in the same perspective, where others feel the need to reveal the recreational activities they are doing to get the same sentimental feeling of acceptance.

Movies/Music Culture 

(3) Watching movies and listening to different types of music is something we all do, but hidden inside the dialogue between our favourite actors or catchy chorus from our favourite band are dark connections to people, especially teens. Generally, TV programs and movies show substance use in a way that is generally positive, and is contributing significantly to the risk of young people engaging in substance use.

(4) According to studies, adolescent listeners are most likely to abuse drugs after hearing song lyrics relating to a certain chemical dependence. Teens may also have the false belief that drugs enhance the artist's creativity or help clear their mind as they do sing or reference about it. This urges them down the path of doing such. In addition,  individuals listening to music referencing to a certain drug in stressful times or low moods may promote the benefits of using the drug and can influence listeners to try it.

General thoughts 

While researching during this round, it delivered many similar aspects and thoughts from my previous rounds of research including peer pressure, social acceptance and influential pieces. Reading this, I hope you got a more in-depth explanation of why the youth are prone to abuse drugs through their everyday activities, such as watching a movie, scrolling through a favourite social media app, or even listening to their favourite pop album. There are so many ways this message can get to an adolescents brain, and it is time we prevent this exposure. 

I am not sure what my future cycle will be, but these several rounds of research really interested me into digging further and spending my time researching for something new! I hope you guys enjoyed reading and see you soon! 


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Original Post

Hey Venus!

Great job on your fourth round. I really enjoyed reading your research as I was able to draw parallels to my own work - we both talked about substance abuse and glorification, so it was definitely very interesting to look at things from a different perspective.

I'm not sure if you're considering continuing this topic for your next cycle, but I believe it might be worth considering! You can look deeper into how products (or music festivals) are marketed towards teens/children and maybe even compare strategies used now to those used in the past.

Again, great job! I look forward to reading your metamorphosis. 

 Hi Venus! 

 This topic is good to talk about - there are so many teenagers who are uneducated about drugs and abuse substances. I like that you looked into creativity is linked to drugs, and how music, movies, and media influence drug use among youth. There are a lot of artists who say that drugs "inspire their work" as you mentioned. 

 I also think it's good that you talked about social media - it affects so much of our society today. I definitely think social media and peer pressure have influenced youth to get into illegal substances. So many teens rely on drugs in order to "fit in." 

 This research was great! I can't wait to read your reflection and next topic too!

Hey Venus!

Great research! I love your topic! I really liked this round because of how real and common this is on a daily. As a teenager I feel that we are very targeted for drug marketing because of how addicting certain substances and how a lot of people want to experience new things. I have been to music festivals in the past and there is a lot drug paraphernalia that surrounds these events. I completely agree with your thoughts so thank you for your hard work. Best wishes!

-Sienna Saunders

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