Round 4:

My question is: Should euthanasia be legalized?

So far I have looked at the different places that it is legalized and their rules regarding it, how it conflicts with religion and which religions support it or are against it and who would implicate it and how does it affect those who do.

(4)Here is a quick recap of what euthanasia is: “Euthanasia is a deliberate act undertaken by one person with the intention of ending the life of another person to relieve that person’s suffering where that act is the cause of death.”

This will be my last round of research, and for it I will be looking into the abuse of euthanasia.  This is a big concern.  Should a person be able to put it in his/hers will that at a certain point they would like to be euthanized?  It seems reasonable, but who decides when they are at that point?  Could family members do this because of their own greediness?  Would people take advantage of it?

All questions I plan on addressing in this round!

Will people take advantage?

(1)The answer is yes unfortunately.  One of the crazy things is the fact that people have to be wary of euthanasia for the reason of money.  There are cases where when euthanasia is legal, insurance companies stop wanting to spend the money to keep someone alive and suggest assisted suicide which is cheaper. (2) Like for Barbara Wagner who’s last hope was a $4000 a month drug.  When the insurance company said no they did say they would an assisted suicide death which costs $50.

Should a person be able to put it in his/hers will that at a certain point they would like to be euthanized?

(5)As of right now there is the ability to instruct if and when you would like to be taken off life support, as well as instruct against unwanted medical treatment if it comes to that.  However at this moment it is not able to be put in legal wills directly. 

My question is should they be able too?  To me, the rules state that you must be lucid when requesting this, therefore when you were writing your will you would have been knowingly asking to be euthanized at a certain point.  So why not? 

(6) Another option is too delegate a healthcare proxy to make the decisions for you.(7)  A healthcare proxy is A legal document in which the signer designates another person to make decisions regarding the signer's health care if the signer becomes incapable of making such decisions. (6) But the concern is the abuse of this. It is shown that only %66 percent of the patient’s wishes are actually followed through with.  So to me, a concern would be that someone could not have the best intentions and abuse this power.  Which goes under the category of “will people take advantage?”

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Abuse of a medical proxy:

(8)This can include numerous things such as not following the person’s wishes properly by accident, doing something that benefits the proxy him/herself, finding a way to get someone to sign it over giving them the power and more. 

The slippery slope argument

(3)  This argument talks about 2 main concerns, one of them being that euthanasia is thought to be a last resort, but overtime could become more normalized and common.  The other being the concern of acceptance of euthanasia, meaning if this is now acceptable to do, what other things with transfer overtime that are worse.


Overall, I believe I have collected enough information that my next round will the conclusion.  I really enjoyed this topic and have learned so much.  I find it so interesting that before I had such a clear view of this topic and that I was 100% for it being legal.  But throughout this research my opinion changed so many times as I learned new bits of information. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much I did and I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions!







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Wow, my law class has been looking into something similar to this. Have you looked up the Latimer Case from America? The use of medical euthanasia isn't used, however the morals of the convicted, as well as the response from the jury may be interesting to look at. I know you'll be putting your conclusion in next post, I just thought this might be something you find interesting

Best of luck!

Hey @Catherine Eckman (Charles Best)

Nice post write up here! It's been great reading your research for the past few rounds and learning about your topic. Not only you have learned, but so have I through your research. 

You mention that "people will still take advantage" of certain loop holes. It's honestly quite a saddening situation where a company, essentially people decide a life or more over money as your example described. This has been the case for a lot of problems and greed is a huge factor within this. 

What makes your research really cool and as you mentioned clearly here is how legal processes come into effect with proxies and documents. Whether it's euthanasia or other legal topics, it is indeed a road that is to tread carefully on where it can ruin or improve people's lives. 

Cool post!


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