round 3 research

inquiry question: Should Canada continue to support the refugees coming from the U.S. border?

This round of research I will be focusing on the possible outcomes and affects, the benefits and downfalls.  More specifically the effects on our economy, the living conditions on these refugees, the possible risk for Canadians safety and the jobs.

Apparently it will cost Canada $1.2 billion over the next 6 years for the 25,000 refugees we have taken in.  But for our economy in the long run, this will make all the difference.  We need new and younger minds, due to an aging work place and few new comers to boost the population.  We need different ways of thinking and we were just handed at least 15,000.  These people are known for their skilled workforce and that could be beneficial, especially for the regions with limited resources.(1)

“Without immigrants, Canada faces labour shortages, a smaller tax base, and increased strain on our medical system and pension funds,” Conference Board research associate Kareem El-Assal wrote.(1)

In 1979- 1983 Canada excepted 60,000 "boat people".  1 in five had started their own businesses and 86% were working healthy and spoke our language.  they were not a burden, they helped our economy.  They paid taxes.(1,2-both said same the thing)  So why should this time be any different? 

statistics Canada says that really, they won't be a burden, kids of immigrants in canada do better than children with Canadian-born parents in educational aspects.(3)

A major fear of letting refugees in is the safety aspect.  Luckily there is a five step program for this explained. Step 1: is identifying who actually qualifies.  For example it is for people who actually are unable to return home, serious threats on their life and their physical problems.  Step 2: focuses on the more vulnerable people, such as orphans, children, single mothers and the elderly.  Step 3: is being individually interviewed by a refugee protection officer.  Step 4: next if they pass they are given to a visa officer who looks even closer into their background.  Step 5: finally the refugee is run through many different databases including undergoing a medical test.  This all makes certain that we do not let in threats to our country.(4)

personal opinion: Like I talked about last round on how they come in and get arrested peacefully, they will then go through the process, so really I do not see an issue.

The refugees will face five challenges " getting to know Canda, Canada getting to know them, Finding a home, Finding a place to live and finding a doctor" states global news.  All of witch will be difficult.(5)

Not to mention the vague explanations given.  Sites like and even though this site is fairly detailed, they forget one thing, most of the refugees wont speak English or french so we are excepting them into our country but not helping them.

In addition the safety aspect we fear should be looked into closer.  The blank statements like " Syrian refugees are terrorists" and " refugees pose a threat to Canadians safety" are just that, blank.  There is a process for refugees like I explained.  The fact is, terrorist attacks are happening everywhere(6).  Was the biggest mass shooting in US modern history not committed by a white man?  Yes it was.  Who are we to assume that all Syrian refuges are bad.

In conclusion, these facts lead me to believe.... Sorry I suppose you will have to wait and see for my final conclusion.  I am really happy with the information I have found and can't wait to continue onto the conclusion.  Thanks for everyone's support!







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