Round #3 Research - Being unaware

Hey everybody! I hope everyone has had a great week, and been focusing on their goals! I'm really excited to be able to share this week's research with you because it is the third and final research for this cycle! As you may already know, my inquiry topic is "Why are people being affected by drugs at music festivals?" My first round of research was solely discussed about music festivals themselves and popular recreational drugs. My second round of research included peer pressure. In this round, I will be touching on the subject of being unaware at a music festivals.fest

In detail, I will be talking about how drugs are hidden and snuck into these events, the risks of sharing drugs and the effects our bodies have while unknowingly on a type of drug! Let's get started.

How are drugs hidden and snuck into music festivals?

(1) According to research, approximately 22% of attendees who choose to go music festivals decide to take drugs. Despite the searchers before the entrance, the dogs or even security, many people including adolescents, are still able to sneak some pills or powder into the festival. The entire purpose of security is to keep the festival safe so everyone can enjoy their time and money's worth, but many still choose to rebel and follow their own path. So, how do they do it?

(2) Because people tend to use drugs for the main purpose to feel more calm and outgoing with others, they have become a frequent attendee at popular festivals such as Coachella, and they will not stop.

As I read through sources, I came to the conclusion of the most common ways people tend to sneak drugs into festivals. Here's what I found. 

(2) According to some bloggers online, people have used their hair to sneak into pills or even inside their socks, where most security won't check. People have also gone out of their way to distort objects to place their "stash", such as removing the ink in a pen or inside a lip balm. Seeing these examples, we can see how guests feel the constant need to bring drugs into this environment and the extent of obtaining this goal.


The risk of sharing drugs

(3) Like sharing a drink , we are transmitting bacteria through bodily fluids, which is extremely dangerous when we are not sure if one has a disease or infection. The most common way nowadays for "taking" drugs is in the form of a pill, powder or injection. (4) It is when one injects substances into them and give it to someone else to use when there is the highest potential risk, the sharing of bodily fluids. 

(4) Sharing a needle or a syringe to inject any type of substance puts you at the risk of HIV and any other infections found in the blood. (5) Commonly used drugs to inject are heroin, cocaine and ecstasy. 

(4) However, we must also recognize the fact that needles and syringes themselves are not the only risk. Sharing water to clean injecting equipment, or even reusing filters, can also transmit any other blood borne diseases. 

The effects our bodies have while unknowingly on a drug

(6) When we unknowingly take a drug, our mind begins to play tricks on us. I decided to include this section in this week's round of research because I feel that is important that everyone should know the common effects of every major drug in the field. There are some effects that stimulate our body to a point, where we do in fact know we "accidentally" took a substance. 

Effects may include: 

  • Muscle's stiffening 
  • Slowed reaction time 
  • Anxiety or paranoid thinking 
  • Very big or very small appetite 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Hallucinations 

 Being aware of the effects can help us understand if something does not feel right as it always does, especially at a festival. That was it for my third and final round for this research, and it was a really fun journey to learn about the different factors that add up to music festivals. 

Thanks so much for reading! 


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Sources for photos used, listed in order that appears in research:








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Hey @Venus Seyedi (Charles Best)

This is an interesting aspect to take a look at of all places. Large gatherings like music concerts. It's been informative for the past research you have talked about. From recreational and popular items to effects of peer pressure.
I am surprised about: 

People have used hair to sneak... 

Logically makes some sense and succeeds. Yet, this also draws in a new point. The concerns of people going the lengths and efforts in trying to get their product across a place that is not allowed. If anything, perhaps even illegal to. Here the BC website has mentioned that certain drugs have been rising and causing issues for a lot of Canadians. It is quite unfortunate as well as dangerous for others to become potentially affected. 


Hey Venus!

I found your research to be interesting as more and more teenagers are attending music festivals so it is definitely important to be aware of the environment and culture of these events. I know your research is coming to an end; however, if it interests you, you might want to think about how companies of music festivals (or even drugs) are targeting youth as their demographic. 

If this interests you, here are some sources you might be able to use:

Great job!

Hey Venus,

I really liked this round of research! As someone who has never been to a festival, I found the different methods of sneaking drugs in really surprising (I didn't know people would replace their ink in the pens with drugs!). Additionally, I really appreciated that you had an informative list of effects individuals will face if they unknowingly are exposed to drugs.

I know you are done your research, but if you're interested in looking into another round, you could dig into what methods of drug prevention are effective, how to get teens off drugs, and how drugs are marketed to teens and kids (specifically, maybe look into vapes and how juuls won "customers for life" e.g.

Good luck and keep up the good work,

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