Round #1 Research - Music Festivals & Popular Recreational Drugs

Hey everyone! Today I will be breaking down my first round of research into several different factors. My inquiry question for this cycle is "Why are people being affected by drugs at music festivals?" What I will be covering in this round of research is what are music festivals and their goals, why people choose to attend these events, why these concerts are incredibly popular nowadays and a breakdown of the most commonly used recreational drugs, including side-effects and why they are most used for. Let's get started! 

What are music festivals? 

Music festivals, are concerts, where usually a series of performances at a particular place take place, usually with a theme such as related artists or a certain type of music genre. Did you know that the term, festival, in it's modern sense, was first used in England?

Now, music festivals can be found all over the world, and people even book flights to catch them live! (1) In relation of what the goals are at these events, is to unify everyone to enjoy and appreciate amazing music live. Appreciation can be used to describe a music festival, being grateful for each and every second you are there! (2)

music festival

Why do people attend music festivals?

You've probably heard it before, tickets ranging from $200 to $400, just to go to gatherings to celebrate music. But why do we do it? There are many reasons why an individual would want to experience this event. Firstly, people go for the experience. (2)

Attending music festivals gives us permission to truly enjoy life for a couple days, not having to stress about our jobs or the work that we have not finished. People go for the relief, the mindset that everyone is there for the same reason, which is to simply relax and have fun. (2,3)

People also go for the music, the culture, and the love to engage and meet with new people! (3)

However, there is also a different reasons why,so many people decide to attend these musical events. Drug use, is widely popular, and on the rise at music festivals. (4) Like a gateway drug, they are commonly used to "escape reality" and interpret everything in a more fun, but very dangerous way. This is when drugs become an important topic in my research ! (4)


Why are music festivals so popular nowadays? 

Reasons why so many different people choose to go to music festivals varies immensely! As this can be viewed as many different branches to interpret, there are some reasons which everyone can fully understand. However, the power of social media, opening the opportunity to show a large audience to demonstrate what is going on is a huge factor. (5,6) Users online see what others are doing, and the word gets spread around. It's an easier way to see what your friends are doing on their weekend. Social media also helps companies promote their business on different pages, which help with their personal growth. (6)

Most Commonly Used Drugs at Music Festivals 

As I said before, drugs is a major component in these events that have become "millennial trends". It's the new norm. (5,6) However, many who attend are not aware of what people are using around them, so I am going to summarize the most commonly used recreational drugs guests take, and their side effects and what they are mostly used for. 

Marijuana (7)


  • Changes in mood, often relaxation occurring
  • Reaches same pleasure centers in the brain as heroine, cocaine or alcohol
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Decreased interest in completing tasks

Marijuana is often known as the "soothing" drug, the type of recreational drug that many people use to calm down and enjoy the music and artistic environment which they are in. (5,6,7) In addition, marijuana is the most popular recreational drug for it is the substance with one of the easiest access, and considered "to not be as dangerous as other toxic substances." (7)

MDMA/Molly/Ecstasy (8)


  • Vigorous physical activity for extended periods
  • Jaw clenching 
  • Lack of appetite 
  • Sweating 
  • Muscle or joint stiffness 

Compared to marijuana, MDMA is far more riskier with its effects in the brain and body, according to health statistics. Users that decide to take this drug often do not know the effects, and can get sudden paranoia or anxiety. (8) Many people at music festivals use this drug instead of marijuana, to be more energetic and move around more, as marijuana projects a more calming state of mind. (8)

Mushrooms (9)


  • Distorting sense of reality 
  • Altering sense of time 
  • Light-headedness and loss of coordination 
  • Mixing up senses (Believing you can see music or hear colour) 

As mushrooms is not as popular as marijuana and MDMA, it is in fact a hallucinogen. This means users can see, hear, or feel things that are not really there. (9) People at music festivals tend to use mushrooms as a way "to connect with the music" or "seeking the soul". 

And that's all for my round 1 research. I hope everyone got a better understanding of the ideas I was trying to point out, from defining music festivals to the recreational drugs people tend to most commonly use. 

Next week in my second round of research, I am considering the action of peer Pressure. I will be covering peer pressure between adolescents, why do people need to prove that they are taking drugs, and how to say simply say no. 

Stay tuned and thanks so much for reading! 


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Hi Venus!!!

Your research round is super organised and wow, you have a lot of details! I agree with you: people choose to go to music festivals for various reasons. It's important to recognize that there are actually many positive, neutral and negative impacts. People so often believe that large music festivals are either set in stone as a negative or positive.

On the other hand, I'm excited that you will be researching about peer pressure. It's such a grand topic that is escalating today. Peer pressure is known to be a sentiment and human desire to simply "fit in" with the people around you. This can be direct or indirect. It's important to recognize that people what to do things to get accepted with their friend group. It's our nature to want to feel included and to make connections with other people. Nonetheless, it is crucial that we remain aware of our personal actions. We can be peer pressured into all sorts of events. It be as serious as being pressured to risk your life as well as others to drink excessively at a club even though you know you are the designated driver for the ride home. It can be as small as faking an interest in superheroes just to come along to a movie night with friends. I had a friend who felt pressured into coming to see the latest Marvel film. She had no interest in series; however, she didn't want to be left out. It was evident that she completely disliked the movie, but she was faking her interest to be included in the conversation. This is a simple example of peer pressure. However, it is recognized that peer pressure can come in all different forms: positive or negative, and you should mention that in your next research round.  You can also look into the signs of peer pressure and why it has gained such an enormous role in teenager life.

Here are some websites you may want to look into:


Good luck!


Hey Venus, I really like how you wrote this research round! Good job! I'm really interested to read about the peer pressure aspect of things in your next research round. I think that peer pressure has a big influence on this and something that many people today face.  Maybe in a future research round you could look into peer pressure among other ages(such as adults and children) and how different it is from peer pressure in teenagers and the statistics of it from each age group.  Here is a website to help with your next round of research:

Hope this helps and good luck!

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