Hey awesome people! Welcome to my first round of research!

Inquiry Question: How can anger be transformed to become a positive emotion? 

Let's start with a question for you to consider when you read this post! Comment your responses if you like too!

  • What has anger done for you? 
  • When was the last time you got angry? Why? 
  • Has it helped you before? 

This round you will see the introduction and the idea of anger as well as the basic information that will build our foundation to learn about this while we research about this for the next several weeks! 

Definition: (Google) 

Generally as we can see, its a verb and a noun. While it is simple it is good to keep in mind to know the possibilities behind the terminology used. 

Now, before you think about Disney Pixar Inside Out...Image result for anger

According to R. Firestone Ph.D, he writes that "anger is a universal human phenomenon." Being as simple with other feelings of hunger or loved. It can become a hindrance in people's lives as it can break apart relationships and cause problems (2)(3). 

It is stated that anger is one of the most debated basic emotions, which in turn goes hand in hand with how anger is also misunderstood quite often (2)(3). It is found that anger serves the role for survival in the past (2). This information is relevant to the fact that this is not some recent discovery but a topic that has stayed with us through the evolution of human race. 

A really cool connection with these points above is Inside Out movie. We see how emotions in Riley help determine her best course of action at the given time in hopes of the best result. Here's a clip from the movie to explain what I mean  

Keeping in mind, anger is an emotion that is completely normal and natural response to stress or other problems. How it is expressed can be positive or negative, (3) something worthy of looking into as it refers back to my inquiry question. 

Decisions: Are you good at making decisions? Great. Anger has a foot in the door with this one as well. 
Sadness can make you less patient, and anger can cause spur of the moment choices that was not may not be well thought out (4).
Result: Emotions has an effect on your decisions to a degree.
How these choices are not the best is because people are more likely to take risks (4). 

In research, its about looking at things without bias. I like to look at things with a new light. An interesting way to look at anger is how we live our life. We all can agree that we all learn through our time alive. One concept is unfairness or injustice. We feel angered by such and signifies us that something is wrong. (1)
In a sense, this is one of the reasons why we may get angered. It logically makes sense however, this also varies person to person too! (Remember the Inside Out Video Above!!) 

Lastly, to broaden our topics being read here, it is great to expand into other fields. Anger in arts! One of the "inspirations" for artists is through their emotions and experiences (6).
This is not limited to painting and drawing. It is seen through literature (5) where poems contain references or concepts of anger within the poem. Emotions such as anger can be expressed through painting, art, and songs (6) 

Take a look at these super great examples: 

Image result for anger shown in arts


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Got thoughts, ideas, opinions or something to say?   Comment away! I will reply!

Next around, some concepts I plan to look at:

The effects anger has on health- mentally and physically. Looking at the causes and results of this emotion. What are linked with this particular emotion? 

During this research I have gathered it is also necessary to look into emotions itself, as anger is one of the many emotions to further our understandings! 

That is it! Hope you are all looking forward, as I am looking forward to yours as well! 

ROUND 2 later!



Thanks for reading!

See you there! 

Codes in titles: 
S: stands for "Series" which correlates to a unique inquiry question. 
(C) Cycle: Each consists ideally 6 rounds (posts) of research. Question may change every cycle, or be continued from previous cycle. (About 4 cycles per school year) 
Round [of research]: Individual posts in a research cycle. Sometimes denoted as "R" 

For self notes: Resentment, anger, grudge, relational aggression 




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Hello Jim

Nice first round. I really like your question of can anger be changed to a positive emotion, as it seems really interesting; it makes me think of when someone does something productive, maybe something they usually wouldn't have done, but try and succeed anyways simply out of spite or because someone said that they couldn't. I also really like your use of videos as an example and to clarify a point. Possibly next round you could investigate why we act the way we when we get angry, as you put it, we make spur of the moment choices, but why is it that we react in this way? Interested to see how round 2 goes.

Here are some links that might help with looking into anger:

Hey Jim!

I really enjoy reading your work, it's lots of fun!  This is a really cool topic and i'm excited too see what you uncover.  A possible idea for you is maybe looking into some examples of times when this exact thing took place.  What i mean is maybe looking into a case and analyzing it.  I know something that i've always found amazing is reading the stories about how parents do these crazy things in times of crisis to save their children.  If it's being scared or sad or angry i think it all ties together and i'm not sure if this interests you at all but here are a couple stories of parents doing this and you might be able to use as an example in one of your next rounds.  I think coincides with your topic so i hope this might give you some idea's!



Hi Jim!

Nice project! Good job on making it super interesting to read. I like how you made connections to outside topics such as films that demonstrate how we process anger. Anger is an interesting topic. This sentiment is viewed typically as a negative one. It's reach on our daily lives can be viewed so differently. Anger has the potential to turn some of the best people we know into someone that they aren't. Even so, as you've mentioned, it also has the potential to push someone to work harder and push their boundaries to do anything. I remember someone telling me they didn't think I would be able to succeed on a test nearly as well as someone else. As a result, I wanted to prove them wrong that I could be better. I pushed myself past my own capabilities. Everyone probably had that sentiment at one point in their lives. Thus, its important to acknowledge that is apart of human nature to feel anger. I found it intriguing when you said that it plays an important role in our past for survival. Maybe you can elaborate on that. However, for your future rounds, you may be interested to look into more of the brain aspects of anger, what hormones our bodies produces when we feel that sentiment and what steps we can take to manage it. While you were stating how you wanted to look into how anger effects us mentally, I couldn't help but think whether there are health problems or disorders linked to that. If you are interested, you should definitely take a look into that as well.

Here are some websites that may help you out:





Good luck!


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