Research S3 Round 8 Picking yourself back up

You have one mouth to feed, maybe more, and you just now lost a vital role to do just that. 
Hi! Welcome to my round 8 research! Hope you are having a good day. 

Inquiry Question: How do you pick yourself back up? (Re-aligning your life).
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In this money-based world, losing a job is a pretty big deal. Today i will talk about the effects of losing a job (what it's like), and some small things to do after it. 

Alright so, careers and jobs, what are they? It's what you do to earn money, perhaps learn a new skill and do what you love. 

If we will be straight to the big points, money is a factor people must think of before some things can be done (travelling, food, homes etc). 

Without this, things can come crashing down. Anxiety and depression pops up (2). Reasons for this would be many factors, (worries of mouths to feed, debts to pay, the bills, all the expenses, change of lifestyle) 

This diagram (3) shows a good idea of how some things will go. 

Aside from the "loss of a stable income" and all the worries of other things- there's also another BIG thing that occurs. 


What i mean is there's an effect on you. Emotionally, psychologically etc. (2) (1)

The rapid changes (4) causes people, especially those who don't like changes, to be hit hard. 

First off, health. (3) Some people could have poor health due to not eating well or intentionally not eating well (stems from other factors such as depression)

Mental health has the effect of losing yourself, your identity. (3) (4) (1) 
You may feel your worthless (2) and lose the "routine" feel (4). Jobs are where generally our interactions are as well, and if you have strong ties to that, then losing the connection to your co-workers could be one of the things you feel. (4)

Some may fall into the substances use, (2) which causes addictions to form that isn't great.

The sense of security of the money you have/had (4)

Job loss can be a vicious cycle to break, and you have to know that from the start: you'll need to stay strong. If you "lose" yourself, and make things all horrible, it can make it hard for you to get a job. Now this is a real deep zone. 

So are some things you can do? Well, of course there are! 

DON'T Take anger on other people (such AS your employer.) (6)

There are far more better ways to let out your frustrations, even if it was the fault of your employer. (Try to be grateful you were let out early rather than later on that you were working under such a person. Now you can find something else that the employer would be not that person) 

DON'T (6) Putting off signing up on unemployment. 
This is something that can help you in the mean time as you actively keep up the search of a new job. Some comes easily, some doesn't.
Maybe you'll need to start somewhere low (A restaurant) or somewhere below your level of skill level - and that's something you will have to jump off the high horse to float until you can climb back up! 

DON'T (4) Try to avoid substances abuse, at best, not at all that clouds your judgments. 

Release your emotions, as in it's okay to be sad and mourn (5) (4) (6) 

Volunteer! (4). Something you'd think last when you are at a dire state, but maybe this is something you need to do as well as everything else to interact with people and perhaps you'll find a job too! 

Take care of yourself (5)! As the health i mentioned above, taking care of your well-being is something to do. 

Don't forget to reach out for help, someone who you can trust would be great. (4) The person who you believe the closest you are to, even if it's not that close. Keep lines of communications open. 

Stay clear of those who tells you such topics of "you're too old" or  "inexperienced" - everyone has to start somewhere. (5) 

For Canada:

This websites helps you with job loss and job search. 

United States:

On a side (sort of) off topic note, Interesting thing is, if you look, there are a few homeless people (usually doesn't have jobs) actually finished university and some even have  PHD as well. - something for you to chew on. 


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All this ties in with my round 7, Financial Stress! Be sure to check out the tips there here: 


Thanks for reading! 




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Hello Jim,

Great research round on job losses. Truthfully, no one in my family has lost their job so the topic is very unfamiliar to me, but after reading your post I understand what others go through. I do have a question though which is "Could the reason the person got fired or let go, help them pick themselves up?" For example, if a woman got fired from Winners because she was having arguments with customers, can she learn from her mistakes and apply for a new job. If she happens to get the job, the women wouldn't fight with customers and at the same time didn't she pick herself back up because she now has a new job? Just something to look into if you have time. Also, what are you going to be doing for your next round of research?

Good Luck!

Hi Jim,

All the tips you suggested made sense. When you mentioned volunteering, I was a little skeptical but after thinking about it for some time, it makes sense. If you are used to work in a group setting, losing your job may cause you to feel uncomfortable to work with others. By volunteering, one can not only contribute to well being of their society but also help improve their own self confidence. It may also help your form connections with people which may lead to a job offer. I really liked the quote on the T-shirt: "jobless not hopeless." That is something every individual should understand, whether we are in that unfortunate situation or know someone going through it.

I look forward to reading your next post!

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