Research Round #5 - Cycle #3 - Should Animal Testing Be Allowed?

Hello everyone,

I believe this is my last research round for this cycle and I'm sad to see it over already. For the last research round, I would like to take all my research and everyone's opinions and form a debate. Since I am kind of wrapping animal testing up I will choose a new topic for my next cycle.

Thank you everyone who took my survey and left awesome comments on my previous posts because it is very helpful for this post and at the end I hope to finally pick a side of the debate!


Pros of Animal Testing

- From testing on animals, many human lives and animal lives have been saved because the drugs have been tested to make sure they are affective.

- They also discovered that insulin helps diabetic patients by using a dog's pancreas to test on.  

- There are many alternatives now for animal testing like using only certain parts of human tissue and cell cultures, virtual drug tests and giving people micro doses of the medicine.

- Testing on animals is better than humans because companies don't want to test on humans and what human would volunteer to be tested on?       @Rhea Manhas (Charles Best)

- As awful as it sounds we might need animal testing because what would we do without it? @Emily Trepanier (Charles Best)

- My opinion: Sometimes I believe we need animal testing because even though scientists proved that alternatives are as effective as animal testing a part of me still doesn't think its true. Many questions run through my mind like are you 100% sure that alternatives have the same testing results as an animal? If you really think about it they are using machines and saying that it has the same result as a human would. Also the products they test are very important to society like drugs and medicine. Can you imagine if the machine messed up the testing and many people were using the drug that is harmful?


Negatives of Animal Testing

As a predicted, there are many more people that believe that animal testing is very negative.

- Many animals are abused, tortured and not given food or water which leads to the inevitable death

- In sad cases the makeup product for example isn't used or there was faulty testing so the animal was tortured and killed for no reason because they have to do the tests all over again.

-  The procedures can be very expensive and if there is no result, it becomes a loss in profit.

- There is still a risk that the products can be harmful since animals aren't exactly like humans

- Products like makeup are wants not needs and animals shouldn't be killed for appearances. @Ben Laird (LFAS)

- Its not morally or ethically correct @Haleigh Strickler (LFAS)

- We shouldn't keep animals locked up in cages just to test on them and especially when we won't know the outcome @Jess Tylor (Charles Best-Alumni)

- My opinion: I do think animal testing is very painful and unfair to animals which is why I came up with big debate questions to show how animals aren't even close to being equal to humans. Why do we test on animals if we wouldn't do the same thing to humans?, People who abuse animals go to jail isn't this considered abuse? Even though people consider that animal testing is for the greater good. Animals still have a heart and brain, but why do we ignore the fact that have pain and emotions too. If everyone really cared about animals, animal testing wouldn't be legal or even ethically okay.


After doing all my research I think it's time to wrap this project up with my final decision. Am I on the POSITIVE or NEGATIVE side of animal testing?  

Overall I am on the positive side of animal testing because if we didn't subject animals to testing, then the next best thing are humans. I know it may not be ethically right but in my heart I don't believe humans should be put through awful procedures. Also how can we fully trust that these alternative testing are 100% true. Machines are testing these drugs and saying of its safe for humans but a machine isn't an animal.


There are no citations for this post because I basically formed a debate using my past posts and peoples opinions.

Please feel free to comment and I hope everyone has learned a little bit more about animal testing.

Original Post

Hi Lauren,

this is a very controversial topic, and i couldn't really decide what side i was on either. is animal testing positive or negative? i can't decide! immediately i would think negative, because they're helpless animals and they don't have a say in what happens to them. but then i reflected on your point. you're right, if animals don't get tested on, the next thing is humans. but, what if a human voluntarily stepped up and said they allowed the testing to be done on themselves? it's kind of a strange concept, because i know i would never allow anyone to do it to me, but there are crazy people in this world.... you never know. but this made me think of something i learned in socials a while back, about residential schools. they used to test medicine on the aboriginals there because they thought they were worthless. do you think that this is less or more okay than testing on animals?

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