Research Round #3 - Why Do Some Teens Feel The Need To Put Great Effort Into Their Appearances While Others Don't ?

Hello fellow students,

For this week I will talking about bullying and how it can make teens feel like they need to fit in and dress a certain way. Personally, I think bullying can have a large affect on teens because subconsciously we all fear being bullied so we try to prevent it in any way that we can. Many of us already have been bullied and it's not easy to go through it. So I applaud the people in the world that don't care what other people think about them because you are being your own happy self and no one should take that away from you.

The 2 questions I want to look into this week are:
Do teens get bullied for how they dress?

How does bullying effect how teens try to look better besides clothing? 

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Do teens get bullied for how they dress? 

Being bullied for the way you dress, is very common now a days but there are other forms of bulling that are more common like who have few or no friends, have an illness or disability, may belong to a different racial group. (1) Even though I say there are other forms of bullying that are more common that doesn't mean teens don't get bullied for their clothing, there are still many cases where this is true. In the paragraph below, there is a case that took place in 2007 which proves bullying because of clothing has been around for at least 10 years.

A sixth grader in Springfield Illinois named Aryana McPike was bullied because of "how dressed up" she was at school. Her mother bought her designer clothing from Juicy Couture and Dolce and Gabbana, but the other students at school thought her clothing wasn't suitable. Back then the "in" style was apple bottom jeans and designer sneakers like Nike Air Force 1. Surprisingly, teens think it's okay to bully others because of what they wear since movies like Mean Girls influence this behaviour. (4)

Some schools have addressed the problem of bullying because of appearances by enforcing a dress code. Is this a good solution? According to some schools it is fixes the problem because it reduces competition and peer pressure since everyone is dressed the same and also decreases violence. On the flip side, if all the students are wearing a uniform, it could become a competition of who wears the uniform the best. Also, teens won't get a chance to express themselves and have individuality which could lead to teens being insecure.

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Sadly teens will still get criticised on their clothing whether their clothing is out of style or they are trying to hard copying a friend or someone more popular. Even though schools try and prevent the problem in school, it could almost be worse because of competition, and not to mention there is also afterschool where bullying can still happen and students are wearing whatever they please. (2,3)


How does bullying effect how teens try to look better besides clothing?

There are many ways teens are bullied about how they look other than clothing such as weight, height and hair colour. I think its safe to say that teen girls and boys both get bullied for their appearances but in different ways. Girls tend to be verbal, catty and spread rumors. In most teen girls minds, the goal is to exclude another girl from the group and make them feel bad about their appearances. Whereas teen boys tend to solve their problems physically because it's more "manly" and they like to take control and have power over the other person. (5,6) 


How heavy you weigh is a big deal to some teen girls and boys because obese teens are easy targets for bullies. Overweight girls are three times more likely to get bullied than slimmer girls, and boys are two times more likely to get bullied than skinner boys. Why is that you ask? Well boys fight for power and dominance so being larger in size may be a positive whereas girls spread rumours and gossip and others weight which makes girls size a negative. Also,  boys tend to get bullied more if they are skinny because they don't have the strength and power to win dominance. (7,8)

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Height is another topic teens tend to get bullied about because there are certain stereotypes that people believe. For example, shorter girls have it easier when it comes to relationships because they will have more options. Men like to be taller than their partner so short girls will have a larger variety to pick from. Other girls may become jealous so they will pick on shorter girls or the shorter girls may pick on the taller girls for not having a relationship. Teen boys also get bullied for being short because it is common for guys to be taller than their partner for protection reasons. Not to mention, sports is another reason why boys get bullied because in high school they might not make the basketball team if they are shorter which could make them feel like an outcast. (9)

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Hair Colour

Being bullied because of your hair colour is very common for both genders who are red headed. People who have red hair are commonly called gingers and they are stereotyped to have blue eyes and freckles. To stop the bullying sometimes teens dye their hair a different colour, but we should cherish our red heads because they hair colour is unique and different. It isn't right to bully someone over their natural hair colour that they have no control over what so ever. (10)

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Final Thoughts 

Overall, no one should be bullied because of their weight, height, hair colour, clothing or for anything because the purpose of bullying is to make someone feel bad. Dressing differently and having a different hair colour should be applauded because they have the courage to be themselves and not be a follower. Bullying needs to end because it has taken way too many lives and instead of criticizing, we should be complimenting others for their appearances.  


Next Round of Research

 In my fourth round of research, I'm going to analyze my survey data and then summarize and tie any lose ends for my project so far. I am at the halfway point for my project so I think doing a summary of what I have learned so far could be helpful to the readers and myself. 














Please feel free to comment and tell me your opinions about my post! 

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HI Lauren.

That is a well outlined research.i like your format of question and answer ,bulling in teens is a very sensitive topic because some who can not overcome it mentally end up committing suicide.In Kenya we don't have teens being bullied of hair color because we all have black hair-but it can be in-terms of long and short hair,we also have teens bullied because of there social status (poor background)

All the best in your next research.

Hey Lauren,

Nice research round, very organized and easy to understand. I like how you compared both public schools and private schools with their dress codes looking at the positive and negative sides of the dress codes. One thing you could maybe look into is what efforts do schools put in to make a safe atmosphere for the students so they don't have to worry about what they look like. And how this can affect immigrants and people who follow different religions as well.

Great work! 

Hey Lauren,

I really enjoyed reading your research! I believe your question is very relevant and something many people can relate to.  Another aspect in which people get bullied (I think Sarnaver briefly mentioned this in his comment) is family wealth and social status. Families who can afford to buy their children expensive clothing/make-up/etc. may put their kids at an "advantage" when it comes to bullying. The children who don't wear those clothes/make-up/etc. to school, may be a bigger target for bullies. 

Overall, I really enjoyed your research! Keep up the great work 

Hi Lauren,

I loved this week's research, and I especially enjoyed how you contrasted the positive and negative sides to the dress code system. My thoughts were similar to Heeva's in that family wealth is definitely a factor in bullying. Those who can keep up with the trends are often more...positively accepted in a school community. 

Enjoying the research, keep up the good work and good luck,
-Joanna Whitter

Hey Lauren, 

Interesting post! I like how you looked into different aspects of why people are bullied because of their appearance.  I feel like nowadays people get bullied for all types of reasons but of course as you said because of their appearance. Perhaps for a future round of research, you could look into what the effect of being bullied about your appearance. For an example, could being bullied by the way you dress make you spend more money on name brand clothing to look "cool"? Or perhaps if someone is being bullied because of their body or face, could this make them go through plastic surgery?  


Hope this helps!

Hey Lauren! 

 It's cool how you looked into other things that influence bullying among teens, since you mentioned in the previous round that bullying was going to be a focus. 

 If you still want to look at appearances specifically, you could look into how teens continue (or don't continue) to put great effort into their appearance as they get to be young adults. If you want to stick to teens specifically, you could look more into factors apart from bullying that may influence teens to dress or look a certain way. 

 Your topic is super relevant nowadays, and interesting to look into. Good luck with your summarizing! 

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