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I'm back with my third round of research before the break and I will be investigating the different types of technology teenagers use on a daily basis and for what purposes. For this research round, I will be using a combinations of creditable courses as well as incorporating my opinion on the topic because as a teen myself I feel like I have some insight knowledge on this topic based on what my peers do. Although it may seem a bit redundant that teens use computer and phones daily, through my research I would like to shine a light on the impact these items have had on our generations to prevent the continuous issues of technology. I have heard multiple stories where teens found it difficult to not be connected with their friends through their phones. Sadly, it's very common to see teen develop addictions to their phone and feel bare and lost without it. Many different teachers and parents have spoke out on their concern with the amount of phone usage teens have especially during class time and it has effected their education tremendously in both a positive and negative way. So without a further or do let's get into the round of research. 

Phones - In this day and age it's very uncommon to see a teen without a phone within their hands. On average some spend around 8 hours a day staring at their screens, but honestly the limit should be 2 according to many experts. Daily, 63% teens admit to texting someone and exchanging in a conversation while only 1% say they text maybe once a week and 26% explain that they don't text at all. Although teens are continuing to text and the percentages have drastically changed throughout a couple of years, the amount of texts have increased daily. Between 2009-2011 the average number of texts increased from 50- 60 texts, but a couple years later with the same 2 year span teens texted an extra 40 texts. Which means the text count went from 60 to 100. 

Daily texting by groups

Here's an interesting graph to take a quick look at. It explains the difference gender, age, lifestyle, etc and compares the amount of texts sent. Personally, Im not surprised women send more texts than men because it appears that girls rather talk while boys are consumed in video games or sports. (1) 

Teens are common users of many different social media platforms such as snapchat, Instagram, VSCO, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, I'm not going to go into detail on this topic because that is my research round 4. 

Although texting and social media is prominent for teens, they also play games, watch Tv shows and listen to music. Generally, teens are now seen watching TV, listening o music, reading for 39% of time while playing games or growing the web 26% of the time. Music is something teens use to ficus during class or have it in the background of their daily lives which may seem time consuming but perhaps could pose as a helpful studying tool. (2)  

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Computers - Considering phones can be considered pocket size computers, teens do the same activities on both such as scrolling social media, watching movies and playing games. Some laptops such as MacBooks connect to your phone which allows you to text from your computer. The endless possibilities of what teens actually do on their devices is out of this world. However, from personal experience and observing peers it seems clear that computers are used to do homework considering lots of our courses are solely based online like English and a great source for Netflix. Although watching TV on your phone is convenient, if your at home with easy access to a computer, its preferable to watch your shows on a larger screen. Not to mention games are very popular across all devices but especially computers because there might be more functions within the game available on larger devices. 

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Other Devices 

Within this section I'm going to briefly outline other devices teens use frequently.

AirPods- Wireless earbuds made by apple are quite popular among teens across the nation due to their look and abilities. Some features include optical sensors and motion accelerometer to detect when they are in your ear, they can also adjust the volume or change the song through Siri. (4)

Inline - 1

PlayStation - A game console that many teens use on a daily basis to play games such as Fortnite, Uncharted and many more. Versatile in the sense that it can become your home entertainment provider, it has features for everyone. The playstation is an online gaming community where you can play games, listen to music and chat with friends. (5)

PS4 console


Thats all for this research round. During my last and final research round of this cycle, I will be researching the social effects of technology. Which will dig deep into SOCIAL MEDIA and all the negative and positive effects it has on teenagers lives. Most people have a particular opinion on this topic already, but I hope to break past the stigma on social media and find a way to find some positive impacts.


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Thank you everyone for reading! Any comments and opinions are greatly appreciated and I hope everyone has a great Spring Break.  


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Hello Lauren,,,

I like the way you have clearly explained the technology impact to teens.Well technology has a negative impact because it is an attention deficit, it can cause depression, cyber bullying, and it does harm to the physical health of a teen. ... It also causes teens to have trouble being social, being face to face instead of through screen to screen.About 94 percent of teens who go online using a mobile device do so daily. Teens use multiple social platforms which are face book, Instagram, and Snap chat that are the most popular, and 71 percent of teens say they use more than one social media site.

Great post indeed!looking forward for your next post.

Hi Lauren,

Nice round of research! There are so many different forms of technology that teenagers use today, but I think that  you've named and explained a good number of them in your research round. It was really interesting to read, especially the graph about the number of text messages sent and received by different groups of teens every day.

I look forward to reading your research on the social effects technology has on teenagers, and I think it's great that you're approaching the subject with an open mind and not just looking at either the negative effects or the positive effects only.

Here are some websites that might help you with your last round of research:




Good luck!

Hi Lauren,

Another awesome research round. I really enjoyed the detail you added, and you did a great explanation on various technologies that we use.

I especially liked the table that you added. It was fairly comprehensive, and I found it intriguing how there was a spike in the amount text messages sent by girls aged 14-17. You mentioned how you heard there are multiple stories where teens found it difficult to not be using their phones, and I believe that the data you gathered nicely supports it.

I'm really excited for your next post. For your next research round, maybe you can look into direct and indirect effects of social media. Perhaps you can divide it up! For example, a direct effect of technology would be the division of labour. A indirect effect could be unemployment.  


Websites you could use:





Good luck!


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