Research Round #3 - Cycle #3 - Should Animal Testing Be Allowed?

Hey everybody,

For this research round, I am going to look at the positive side of animal testing and see if there are any alternatives instead of testing on animals. Also I did make a survey, so could everyone please take it because it will help me form an opinion in one of my later posts.

Positives In Animal Testing

I'd like to think everything in the world has two sides to it and depending on how you view it one side is always negative and the other is positive. Animal testing has saved many lives from the scientists creating life saving cures and treatments. As inhumane as animal testing sounds, scientists removed dog's pancreases and discovered insulin that has saved many diabetic lives. Also, animals are super close to humans in multiple ways because a chimpanzee is the closest animal we have to a human. Would it be better to test on humans? No, probably not considering they are humans. Since chimpanzees are the closest to humans they share 99% of human DNA. Did you know animal testing benefits animals in a way? Vaccines are tested on animals to save other animals lives from rabies and other infections. (1)

Alternatives For Animal Testing

Since animal testing isn't exactly humane, scientists have found alternatives like using test tubes with human tissues and cell cultures, virtual drug tests and computer simulations and models. They even started testing on humans, but giving them micro doses so the drug doesn't effect their whole body.

 As great as these sound how are we sure they will not have a negative effect on human? Apparently alternative testing are more reliable then animal testing because animals don't have a link between glass fibres and cancer like us humans do. Also, using actual human tissue is more accurate than animals because the tissue is part of a human so the reaction is more likely to be more exact. (2)

If we now have alternatives for animal testing, and they are proven to be more accurate. Why do we still test on animals? A lot of companies still test on animals because human tissue and virtual drug tests are quite expensive and companies want to spend as little as possible to make a larger profit. Another point is that products must be tested in the US on animals before it can come in contact with human test subject. (3)

Overall, there is alternatives to animal testing but they are very pricy and as of right now, you will always have to test on an animal before a human test subject. So there isn't really a change since the AD 129 - 200 when Galen first started testing on animals. (4)

For my next research round, I will look into the negative effects of animal testing and really figure out if it is considered torture and see how painful it is for the animals.








Please comment because I'd love to hear all your opinions and please take my survey!!!!!!!

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Hey Lauren,

I think the topic you chose is great because personally, I am a huge animal lover. I always thought that testing on animals was really bad, so I'm glad that you gave a positive insight. Something that you might want to look into is animal testing in the cosmetic field. It's a quite controversial topic, since some companies are for it while others are against it. Here's a couple links;

1. http://www.aboutanimaltesting....sting-cosmetics.html


Good luck

Hi Lauren!

I've always thought that animal testing was a horrible and inhumane thing to do, but I can see people's excuse. Without it, there wouldn't be vaccines for animals, and less lives would be saved. However, in doing animal testing, they could be hurting or taking away an animal's life, but it's for the sake of others, so is it for the "greater good"? Or is it just cruel? I think that the alternative testing is a good idea, and it's too bad it's so expensive. Here are some websites that you should find useful for your next round of research:

Good luck!

Hi Lauren! 

Positives! Thats good you are looking at good and bad. Rather than just one side. Also nice survey tooo! Nice to mention the profit side for companies, days now is all about the money $$$ so...sometimes that can blind people from what's right and wrong. 

Some of these links have something to do with cosmetics. I believe @Caroline Lu (Charles Best) is doing make up so cosmetics have been under animal testing too. I dunno, just making connections.....

To help you out in your next round and some interesting information:

Keep it up! 


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Hi Lauren,

As for I am against animal testing, you did bring up some good points on the positives. Good job on the survey.  Another factor is you could look at the history of animal testing. 

This link has tons of animal testing, this website is an organization against animal testing and brings up some good points.

This is a short little clip looking at negative effects on animal testing.

Nice work!

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