Research Round 3/4 - Cycle 4 - Why Do We Have Trouble Sleeping?

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Research Round 3

The school year is coming to an end, and I would like to finish my project. To try and finish before the school year ends, I will be combining research rounds, so each research round are going to be a little bit shorter. For this research round, I will be explaining some reasons behind sleeping issues, not medical issues but how stress and depression can prevent people from sleeping.

Myth #3 

Sleeping before midnight is best.

According to scientists, it doesn't matter when you go to bed. What matters is how good the first four hours of your sleep are. 


Reasons Behind Sleeping Medical Issues 

Every person is different so each person's sleeping issue varies too. There are major categories that can cause sleeping issues and then from there, they funnel into smaller categories. 

Major Categories (that are caused by you) include:

Physical Issues - Pain or discomfort

Another Medical Issue - Asthma

Psychiatric Disorders - Depression and Stress

Environmental Issues - Alcohol and Drugs 


Other Categories (that are hereditary) include: 

Aging - getting older can cause sleeping disorders whether its from simply aging or medication older people have to take

Genetics - some times you are just born this way because certain people's genetics cause them to have troubles falling asleep and waking up (4) 


Surprisingly, over 75% of Americans in between the ages of 20 and 59 had issues sleeping before, so having a sleeping disorder/ issue isn't the end of the world. As I mentioned in my last post, there are many ways to fix if not cure your sleeping issue. (5)


Stress and Sleep! 

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Do you have troubles sleeping at night? Well if you do there are many causes like a sleep issue, but it's most likely due to stress. Sadly, if stress is an issue for you, there are other issues that come along with it like anxiety and it can make you tense. If your stress levels are exceedingly high, it can cause sleep deprivation or many other sleeping issues  like Insomnia and Sleep Apnea. (1) 


Oddly enough, sleeping issues can cause depression as a side effect and depression can cause sleeping disorders. Depression is a serious medical issue where you feel sad and have anxiety. It can causes humans to have difficulties sleeping, eating and many other things. Some disorders that have depression as a cause include Insomnia and over sleeping (even though it's not really a disorder) . (2,3) 



Research Round 4

I think there are a lot of ways to help people to sleep and too many to cover in just one research round, so the fourth round of research is going to be ways to help you sleep part one. In this particular round, I'm going to dig into dieting like how unhealthy food choices can have an affect on sleeping. Not only am I going to address the problem, I want to also give options and ideas in how to fix it. 


Myth #4 

Energy drinks give you wings!! 

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Many people believe energy drinks can take place of sleep which is FALSE because energy drinks have caffeine in them which means you will have a high and then crash later. Remember nothing can replace sleep!  

Dieting? How Does It Affect Your Sleep? 

There are many different diets in the world that people try to be skinnier, but they don't really see the negative effects it could have on other aspects of their lives. When people do a cleanse, a main factor of the diet is drinking water, but water can cause an irregular sleeping pattern because you will most likely have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the washroom. Another issue is going to bed hungry. To lose weight people cut out their night time snacks, but when you cut them out, you go to bed hungry which can cause a restless sleep. Lastly, exercising makes your body stimulated and excited which isn't a great thing for sleep. At night, your body may be super energized that you can;t have a good night sleep. (6) 


Ideas/ Solutions To Fix Eating Habits

 - Water issue - drinking most of your water in the morning can solve the problem because by the time you go to bed your system will be cleared out. 

- Going to bed hungry - you can still have your snack before bed, just try and make it smaller and healthier. For example, slice of cheese, turkey or chicken, but there are foods that can prevent sleep like yogurt and granola. 

- Exercise issue- exercising earlier in the day can prevent stimulation at night and hopefully let you sleep a full night. (6)  










Citations for Pictures 




For my next post, I want to research how to help people with sleeping, I will investigate daily routines and how certain things can help you sleep. For example, how being on an electronic device before bed can be distracting and how having a daily sleeping routine can help sleeping. Also I will uncover all the myths I briefly talked about in each of my research rounds before!

Thank you everyone for reading my posts and I appreciate all the comments!! Please take my survey if you have a chance!  


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This post is super interesting! I have sleeping issues, and most of my friends do as well. What you said about exercise is very fascinating. I usually work out before bed, but after reading this post I'm going to try to work out when I wake up. Me exercising before bed probably does have an effect on my sleeping issues. Good luck with the rest of your project!!

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