Research Round #2 - Cycle #3 - Should Animal Testing Be Allowed?


For this round of research, I will look at what companies use animal testing and specifically examine the cosmetic industry and some examples of cosmetics that scientists test on animals. Lastly, I will study how animals are tested on and if its painful to them.

What companies use animal testing?

Many cosmetics, haircare, self care, cleaning companies use animal testing to make sure the product is safe for humans to use. (1) A lot of the products we use daily are companies that use animal testing but is it for our own good?

Cosmetics and Animal Testing

As I stated above, most cosmetics we use daily are companies that use animal testing. Below are some common makeup products and how they test them on animals.

Mascara - Before some scientists would rub mascara around the rabbits eyes to see if the rabbit would have an infection. Sadly, a women packaging the mascara decided to try the product for herself and she almost lost an eye. People started to figure out that animal testing wasn't always accurate so they started taking human volunteers and some times they would use a petri dish to try and experiment on the product in a lab. (2)

Skin Products like Concealer and Foundation - Scientists shave off the rabbits fur and apply the skin product to the rabbits bare skin to see if there are any reactions. Also, they normally put the product in their eyes to wait for any harm. (3)

Perfume -  Commonly perfume is dropped into rabbits eyes to see if it's safe for a human to wear it or workers scrape off their skin and apply perfume. There are alternatives now where they still test the product just not on animals. (4)  

How are animals tested on?

Many animals suffer through their whole lives if they are being tested on. Some have major brain damage because they were exposed to toxic chemicals that scientists were making perfume out of. Others are not fed and are forced to breed to get more animals for the scientists to torture. Sadly the animals suffer a lot since they can live up to 2 years with no food, no water and they are tortured daily. Also many animals like rabbits and mice die before the research is over because of the conditions, but other animals like chimpanzees can live through the whole project and then they are slaughtered since they are too weak.

To prevent animals from moving around during the experiment, many are restrained by being locked in tubes, hung by their tails and shocked in their feet. Not only were these animals restrained, some were left immobilized from being locked up in the same position for months. Sometimes animals did receive a little bit of anesthesia to help with the pain, but it still hurt the animals after the procedure. Sadly, if the doctor isn't experienced enough the anesthesia may not work and the animal suffers through out the whole experiment. (5)

For my next research round, I will look into the positives of animal testing. More specifically does animal testing keep us safer from harmful products and is there anything else we could test on other than animals ?  Hopefully the positives will make animal testing seem less painful and awful, but who knows.









Well this concludes the end of my research round and as of right now I'm against animal testing because I thought it was less painful on the animals. I can't imagine the stress, pain and sadness the animals endure for months until they die. Please feel free to comment on your opinion based on this research round. Has your opinion changed? Hopefully next round I can balance out the argument.

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Hey Lauren!

I found your research very interesting . It's so terrible what some animals go through because of humans. There are also so many brands in your photo that I had no idea tested on animals and it's so disappointing to see just some of the many brands that do this. Here are websites to help you with your next round of research:

Hope this helps! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hi Lauren,

Really interesting yet really sad information you have here. I am really glad you are doing this topic, because personally I know very little about all this, and I feel like it would be important to know more since I am a consumer for most of these products. One question I had after reading your research was, what type animals most commonly used for testing (makeup specifically)? 

Here is a link that may help with your next research round;

Good luck

Hi Lauren,

I find this topic very touching, I do not agree with the companies who believe that animal testing should be allowed. especially the part about putting produces into the animal's eyes too see if it will restate them (of course they will! There are chemicals in there!) This is definitely a topic worth while to look into and in very glad you though of doing this as well. I would look into companies that do not do animal testings and see their reasons on why they decided not to and what they think about the other companies that are doing it. I understand a little that it may be good to the humans to see if the produces will cause irritations or harm, but is there another way to test these products, like makeup?

Good luck,


Hi Lauren! It is heart-breaking to see how people test on animals. People choose animals to test on because they have similar body structures and organs with people. There are various of tests on animals, such as business and science purpose. Some scientists torture animals and add chemicals to test if they can endure the effects. We all know they suffer a great pain. I hope more associations should be created to prevent them from hurting. Here are some websites to help you out. Good luck on your research!


Hey Lauren,

Wow, it's shocking to see how many companies use animal testing. Are all animals that are used for testing treated so poorly? Or do some companies try and be "kinder" if possible? 

Also what are some of the alternatives to animal testing in such a cruel way? In your post you talked about a woman almost losing her eye, is there a better way of testing products so that no animal has to suffer? 

Great work keep up the good research!

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