Research Round 2.1: The Internet

The Internet Explained

Alternatively referred to as the net or web, the Internet was initially developed to aid in the progress of computing technology by linking all the best academic computer centers. The Internet as we know it today first started being developed in the late 1960's with the start of ARPANET and transmitted its first message on Friday, October 29, 1969. In 1993, the Internet experienced one of its largest growths to date and today is accessible by people all over the world. The Internet that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope.

The Internet contains billions of web pages created by people and companies from around the world, making it a limitless place to locate information and entertainment. Internet also carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-inked hypertext  documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), e-mail, telephony, and file sharing.

The Internet basics

  • The Internet and the WWW are not the same things.
  • The Internet utilizes the TCP/IP protocol and is accessed using a computer modembroadband3G4G, or network that is connected through an ISP.
  • In the case of broadband, many computers and devices use Wi-Fi to connect to a router that is connected to the ISP.
  • The Internet is explored, which is more commonly referred to as surfing, using a browser.
  • Finding information on the Internet is achieved by using a search engine.
  • Users browse websites and web pages by following hyperlinks that point to an address more commonly referred to as a URL.
  • Files, pictures, songs, and video can be shared by downloading (receiving) and uploading (sending).
  • The Internet is also used for communicating with others through social networks, online games, forumschate-mailsIM, and VoIP.



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Hey bro!Long time huh??

Am pretty sure am getting to read your interesting post by means of the net. We in Kenya can communicate with you in Canada as if we are sitting against each other in a bench upin the same room. Needless to say, the world has become connected and even made smaller by means of internet. The language every other entrepreneur, educationist, learner, politician and technocrats wants to the get affiliated to is the Internet. To sum it all, internet is the world connector. There is so much am looking forward to learn from your topic. Like now that we have Internet, what next, now that the world looks like a small village, what's Internet going to bring, to make or to negatively affect, all the best bro!

Hi Justin

i like you topic a lot it  is educative to me since before i have never understood the meaning of some  in internet but through you post i have learnt something that i'm proud of.But still as we all know that  internet is a good thing that all of you  can agree with me   but what are the effects of it? internet will make people happy but some are suffering because of addiction that they get after  because of accessing internet though they are not suffering physically but having some kind of addiction but they are able to cope up with by accessing the internet more and getting addicted more and more  if it was possible i would wish that you should be checking on the effects of internet and here below i have a link that can help you


i will be looking on to you next

Hello Justin. 

First congratulations for how you have explained to us the basics of the internet. Secondly its the fact that you're teaching us some Computers Studies stuff- a  subject learned here in Kenya, Not it only being a subject but one of my best subjects. Its good how you've explained to us the history of the internet and how information is organised. 

Id like to request you to broadly try to expand to us how the whole system works, and if you don't mind explaining into deeper details the history so that we would get to understand its evolution and advancements, and how the whole system generally works.

Here is a website that has got almost all of that stuff. hope it will be helpful in your project;

Looking up to your next post. 

Hey Justin, 

The internet is definitely a means of communication and research that most people take for granted. The vast majority of people around the world have access to it (or a least to a section of it) and use it regularly. It is a really fascinating thing to study and there is a lot that it is used for! Great explanation of what it is, maybe in future posts you could delve into the unknowns of the internet or deliberate how it is used relative to how it was intended to be used. 


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